12 Color Trends in 2023 That Will Dominate Interior Design-From Soothing to Vibrant Hues

1) Warm Neutrals

The use of warm neutrals promotes health and ease. Another plus is that they are adaptable to a wide variety of aesthetics. This shade can be easily customized by incorporating complementary hues, fabrics, shapes, and materials.

2) The Pink of Softness

This year, 2023, we’re seeing a lot of pink combined with other colors. It’s a delightful accent that works with everything from dark blues to light neutrals, and it can range from a delicate blush to a screaming magenta.

3) All Different Browns

Whether you’re drawn to the delicate beiges of a coastal beach or the subsoil tones of your garden, adopting warmer brown hues inspired by your surroundings—rather than the colder greys that have recently been popular—helps strengthen and richen the ambiance of your room.

4) Gentle Violet

The design experts agree that lavender is experiencing a renaissance and will be a popular choice for color trends in 2023.

5) Ultramarine Blue

One of the upcoming color trends in 2023 that will be all the rage is a shade of blue called ultramarine. It is a hue that is vivid, highly concentrated, and luxurious.

6) Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is said to be the dominating bold color of 2023. This vibrant red-orange is brimming with character and intends to provoke spectacular house makeovers. Try this brilliant hue on the walls of a living room for a look that’s vivid, pleasant, and appealing.

7) Jewel Tones

Jewel tones offer a sophisticated moodiness that designers anticipate will be in demand for color trends in 2023. Combine jewel tones with harsher colors, such as burnt orange, to create an unconventional color-blocked appearance.

8) Tranquility-Inducing Hues

Choosing paint to make your house seem like a home—inviting, welcoming, and comfy remains a compelling drive. We mentioned previously that color trends in 2023 would prioritize comfort over anything, so hues that bring nature into the home and are adaptable will stay dominant.

9) Pastels

Professional interior designers predict that pastel colors, such as dusty blues, clays, and greens, will become highly prevalent in interior design. Everyone, including us, is enthusiastic about the comeback of pastels for color trends in 2023.

10) Alizarin

Graham & Brown’s Alizarin is an intense and ominous tawny crimson. Named for the pigment often used to manufacture red dye, this classic color is about making a cozy sanctuary for color trends in 2023.

11) Blending the Temperatures of Warm and Cool Shades

Interior designers expect homeowners to gravitate toward mixing warm and cool tones within the same area for color trends in 2023. This blending includes using turquoise or green to perfectly match beige, a brilliant, blue-toned flash of purple against tan, or enabling a deep green to calm a warm brown.

12) Blank Canvas

Behr’s Blank Canvas starts a branching path for a more vibrant future or a moderate, monochrome serenity-like organic modern interiors. Blank Canvas is a lively, warmer white that can stand independently despite its name. Behr vice president of color and creative services, Erika Woelfel, calls Blank Canvas “the ideal artistic hue for people to start expressing their creativity for color trends in 2023.” So, what’s getting in the way of your creativity?

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