These are the 5 best flowers and foliage for winter arrangements, according to florists


One of the best ways to bulk out a winter bouquet and really lean into the Christmas mood is to utilize evergreen foliage, and these leafy plants can make a great foundation for your arrangement.

'Crafting the perfect winter flower arrangement involves a thoughtful selection of elements that capture the essence of the season,' says David Cohen, florist and CEO of Badais International. 'For a winter feel, incorporate evergreen foliage like pine, cedar, and eucalyptus. These not only add a wintery touch but also provide a delightful aroma.'


'Amaryllis is our favorite winter flower,' says Nikki. 'It is large and in charge and reminds of a lily without an overwhelming scent.' The classic red color gives off luxe festive vibes making it one of the best Christmas flowers instead of a poinsettia, but alternative shades are also available. 'They come in a wide variety of colors such as red, white, pink, peach, and a candy cane stripe,' Nikki explains. The bold color stands out beautifully against deep green foliage, too.


To achieve a more whimsical winter look, try adding some wispy foliage such as viburnum. 'Viburnum is a brilliant type of foliage for winter,' says florist Igor Podyablonskiy of My Flowers. The misty white works particularly well in festive flower arrangements, giving the appearance of a dusting of snow. Including a few sprigs of this plant that peek out of your base foliage amongst your flowers will elevate your bouquet into one that looks seriously professional.


You might be surprised to learn that some herbs make worthy houseplants, and they can also be a fabulous addition to a bouquet. 'Don’t overlook herbs during the winter months,' says Igor. 'Many herbs such as rosemary and sage still grow in the garden and these can be used as foliage to give a beautiful scent to winter arrangements.' If you can find some herbs to add to your flowers that will instantly look more expensive and considered.


Nothing says Christmas quite like a bunch of bright red berries. If you're looking to really nail the Christmas flower look, textural elements such as berries and pine pines are great in floral arrangements.

'The key is to create a visually appealing arrangement that evokes the charm and coziness of winter,' says David. 'At Badais International, we recommend personalized touches like incorporating seasonal berries or pinecones for added texture.' These items can easily be sourced in your backyard or nearby woods and, failing that, a local florist.

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