What are the best alternatives to a gallery wall? Designers share 10 creative ways to decorate a blank space

1. Group Together A Collection Vintage Finds

The most interesting gallery walls aren't 2D. Instead of being made up of framed prints, they are wall-mounted collections that add character to a room, something unexpected. We've seen examples that use hats, chopping boards, plates (more on this later), fans, lights, and all manner of curiosities.

2. Dot Pairs Of Prints At Random

Going small with framed prints is not something we see all too often. We are always giving advice to go oversized with your prints, and comfortably fill the wall as there is nothing flattering about a tiny print floating in a sea of walls.

3. Use Plate Racks To Display Your Best Crockery

Plates as wall decor are often considered to be a bit fussy. But the look is making a big comeback in interior design trends and can be a lovely alternative to a gallery wall. Why hide all your nicest crockery away in the kitchen when you can get it out and turn it into gorgeous decor?

4. Or Mount Them Directly On To The Walls

And for a look that's even closer to a traditional gallery wall, mount a collection of plates directly onto the wall as in this dining room designed by Samantha Todhunter.

5. Design Bespoke Built Ins For A Minimalist Approach

Built-in cubby shelving can be a perfect gallery wall alternative if you like a more minimalist vibe, and if you want to add in some extra storage too. For the best look, we'd say take the shelving floor-to-ceiling and paint to match the wall colors so it blends in visually with the rest of the room.

6. Add Unexpected Texture To Your Walls

'In this garden room in a coastal house in Castellammare in Pacific Palisades, I tried to craft an interior that was both functional and filled with artisanal touches,' explains designer Julia Dempster. 'I embraced cultures from all around the world by incorporating elements and mementos into the design.'

7. Switch Oversized Prints For Mirrors

If you like the simple clean lines of a grid layout that a classic gallery wall can offer, be inspired by this idea and switch large prints for frameless mirrors. You have the benefit of bouncing more light into the space, and the room reflected will provide a similar effect as a print.

8. Go Overboard On Layers Of Prints

This lovely setup by Studio Peake proves that a gallery wall needn't sit against a solid background, but instead creates a real focal point by layering up patterns. Choose a wallpaper as the backdrop for a gallery wall, and have fun by contrasting the colors and patterns of the wallpaper with your choice of print and frame.

9. Create A Display With Depth

A well-curated display can add just as much, if not more, interest than a gallery wall and can make more sense in a smaller or awkward space. 'I love gallery walls, but I also love to mix it up. When I look at a blank wall, I see an opportunity! Sometimes for a great gallery wall, other times not,' says designer Lisa Sherry.

10. Use Picture Ledges To Layer Prints

Using picture ledges to display prints offers far more flexibility than a gallery wall. You aren't limited by having to fit all the frames together, you can layer them up and switch them out easily and as often as you like.

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