What makes a kitchen look cheap – 5 things that you are doing wrong, according to designers

1. Bulky Under-Cabinet Hoods

A cabinet-hoods is the perfect example of something that is necessary for practical reasons in a home. And while you certainly shouldn't get rid of it completely, designer J.R. Coffin from Studio Den Den in Brooklyn warns that you should look for a more discreet alternative.

2. Mismatched Appliances

It is only natural that your kitchen is home to more appliances than any other space. However, J.R. warns that too many materials and colors can make a kitchen look 'hodge-podge and cheap.'

3. Short Backsplashes

'No matter your counter material, a 4" tall backsplash – often matching the counter color – makes kitchens look small and outdated,' J.R says. 'This is a total missed opportunity to elevate your kitchen with an eye-catching wall tile that runs from the top of the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinet or shelf.'

4. Laminate Countertops

On the subject of countertop ideas, Carla also urges against laminate countertops (often referred to as Formica) – explaining that the synthetic material can have a less-than-desired impact on your kitchen. 'They don't have the natural beauty or depth of real stone or solid surface such as manufactured quartz,' the designer says.

5. Fluorescent Lights

Mastering the most flattering lighting ideas can make or break any room, but none quite so much as your kitchen. And, arguably, the worst choice you can make in your kitchen is mounting a large fluorescent light on the kitchen ceiling.

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