These 5 paint colors will make your living room feel so much more welcoming in time for holiday hosting


A classic for the festive season, it doesn’t get any warmer and more welcoming than a deep red. Red living rooms can have a great impact, and if the right shade is chosen, can look incredibly sophisticated and not at all overpowering. ‘For homeowners who want to go all out this holiday season, a deep red like Fireweed is the classic festive red people associate with this time of year,' explains Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing, at Sherwin-Williams. 'Deep reds are great in spaces where people gather together due to their high energy.'


If reds are a bit too much of a statement for you, opt for warm shades of orange instead. This is a color that stands out, but due to its luxury associations in both interiors and fashion (think of the famous "Hermès orange trend"), it’s a color that will always be elegant and chic.


Green is perfect for this time of year as while we spend more time indoors, it reminds of of the great nature outdoors for a very calming feel. ‘Green is a wonderful choice for a living room,’ Helen tells me. ‘Its connection to the natural world means it will effortlessly create a restful and relaxing atmosphere.’


A deep blue will completely transform any room, and it’s a very calming color that will make your guests feel at ease. Sue says that the right blue can exude a rich and mysterious personality and bring a sophisticated mystique that guests are sure to comment on when they visit.


If you're feeling brave, aubergine makes a beautiful base color for a living space. Sue recommends Sherwin-Williams’ Raisin color for a deep purple living room. ‘This dark color is the perfect hue to bring elegance to a living room space where homeowners want their guests to gather,' she says. 'Its purple undertones also pair well with most colors so it’s a great versatile option!’

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