These 5 living room colors will fall out of fashion in 2024 – according to designers in the know

1. White

The suggestion that all-white living room ideas may be unfashionable is not short of controversial. However, this tone has had its day among reputable experts. 'White-on-white monochromatic color schemes are waning as people are wanting to add more personality and uniqueness to their rooms,' says the designer Heather Humphrey from Alder and Tweed. They explain that, as people spend more time at home, they are wanting their rooms to express/reflect more of who they are, and white doesn't always exhibit this.

2. Gray

Arguably the second most provocative choice on the list – designers argue that decorating with gray should now come with caution. 'Gray is definitely on its way out,' Heather Humphry Alder and Tweed say. 'As people are seeking to create cozier spaces, they are moving away from cooler tones and leaning more towards warmer, neutral shades of camels and nudes.'

3. Blue-Green

The attraction behind an aqua-toned scheme is understandable, as this colorful living room idea is one of the most striking yet therapeutic you can find. Though, in all its benefits, Genevieve warns that some houses are not designed to 'off an aqua living room palette' – so in some cases – it is better to look for warmer, more versatile shades that complement every style of home.

4. Blush

With the release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie in 2023 – and the ever-growing interest around Barbiecore – it may seem contradictory to say that pink room ideas are better left unexplored. Though while this hue may be making headlines in other spaces, Genevieve suggests that the 'bright warmth of blush or millennial pink is no longer the go-to color on the warm end of the color spectrum for the living room.'

5. Pastels

Though it is true that 'pastels' do not qualify as one color, the designers at Heather Humphry Alder and Tweed predict that future interior design trends will see a move from these tones to more earthy, cocooning colors that will nurture you and your guests as you rest.

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