These 4 Trends Will Take Over Our Homes This Summer, According to Etsy

Etsy just released a brand new report for shoppers—this year, it’s the brand’s first time highlighting spring and summer design trends (though they've already taken a peek into holiday aesthetics and predicted 2024 design trends). Etsy compiled popular search terms from its website and placed them into trend categories. These trend categories are essentially new aesthetics, with Etsy detailing hallmarks of the trend and popular search terms that fall under each. If you’ve been looking for new ways to redecorate your home for the season, you’ll want to take a closer look at a few design-centered trends on that list. To make finding your new style even easier for you, we’re highlighting our favorite home interior trends from Etsy’s spring and summer trend guide.

Garden Girl

"Garden girl" is an uber-botanical version of cottagecore. Etsy saw a 30% increase in searches for linen dresses and skirts, a 200% increase in searches for garden-print blankets, and a 360% increase in searches for gardening accessories. When you’re looking at giving your home a garden girl makeover, it doesn’t just stop at procuring a massive jungle of indoor plants—focus on incorporating floral and botanical prints, artwork, color palettes, and statement pieces.

Rom-Com Interiors

Have you ever wanted to live in a Hallmark movie? Maybe "rom-com interiors" should be your next go-to Etsy search. Etsy defines this aesthetic as covering the search terms seeking a 1990s to 2000s style. Rom-com interiors are all about the cozy and the classic: if you want to give a timeless space a more nostalgic feel, Etsy thinks the rom-com look could be for you.

Time-Honored Textiles

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of quilted and crocheted items that are trending as home decor? You’re not dreaming—quilt, crochet, and knit textures are all back in style, especially when it comes to home design. Think pillows, blankets, and tableware—all vintage quilted and crocheted patterns are taking over home accessories right now. If you’ve ever wanted to get into fiber arts, this year is your year...or you could buy the perfect quilt for your space off Etsy.

Creative Couples Portraits

The search for couples' blankets, custom playing cards, and custom plates has all been on the rise related to the new trend of creatively incorporating your relationship into your home design. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to have your and your partner's face plastered all over your home. Etsy highlights custom venue paintings for weddings or anniversaries, blankets that utilize meaningful imagery, or hand-illustrated playing cards that feature a series of relationship memories.

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