These 15 Color Schemes Always Work in Kitchens With Dark Cabinets

Inky Blue, White, and Black

If you want a cozy and stylish kitchen, take notes from this design by Becca Interiors. The cabinets are painted a blackened blue and paired with black marble tops.

Dark Brown, White, and Warm Wood Tones

This spacious kitchen designed by Arbor & Co. is an excellent example of a balanced color scheme for kitchens with dark cabinets. Timeless elements are used throughout the space, including dark brown cabinets, white tiles, and a two-toned kitchen island.

Black, Gray, and Light Wood

If clean and modern is what you’re after, add this kitchen by Laura Brophy Interiors to your inspiration board. The black drawers and cabinets that line the room are softened by the light wood of the table and cabinets above the hutch. The gray marble and tile backsplashes are beautiful additions to an already captivating space.

Olive Green, Black, and Gold

As seen in this kitchen designed by Kate Marker Interiors, a modern farmhouse aesthetic can make a kitchen feel like home. The gray-toned olive color of the cabinets, black countertops, and gold hardware give this kitchen a modern twist.

Peacock Blue, White, and Light Wood

With one look at this contemporary kitchen, you might be swayed to paint your cabinets peacock blue, and we wouldn’t blame you one bit. The design plays with color, texture, and patterns, giving you multiple opportunities to cook in style. In addition to the color and slatted cabinets, the marble walls seamlessly blend into the countertops. And we can’t forget the use of various wood tones, from the light wood of the kitchen island to the dark finish of the wood above it.

Slate Gray, White, and Gold

Go full-on modern and glam with a slate gray, white, and gold kitchen, like this design by JLA Designs. The cabinets and kitchen island have a monochromatic look being decked out in the same gray hue, and are accented with pops of gold, not only on the cabinet and drawer pulls but also on the black and gold faucet and kitchen island leg caps.

Deep Teal, Black, and White

Really make your kitchen pop with deep teal cabinets complemented with a black and white color scheme. The black hardware and countertops match the cabinets perfectly. And while the checkered flooring makes a statement in itself, it doesn’t take away from the boldness of the dark cabinets.

Charcoal Black, White, and Light Wood

This kitchen by Charlie Coull Design shows the timelessness of a black kitchen. But to brighten up the dark cabinets, white backsplashes, marble countertops, and light wood open shelving are brought in and add to the clean and minimalist look.

Deep Red, Black, and White

Every modern home needs an equally modern kitchen, and deep red cabinets are a great way to achieve just that. This kitchen by Jenn Pablo Studio has an incredibly sleek design with captivating red cabinets, white countertops, and black accent walls.

Cornflower Blue, White, and Gray

If you want dark cabinets, you don’t necessarily need to turn to deep blues and greens. This cornflower blue color (as seen in this Studio Peake design) will give your kitchen the pop of color it deserves. But instead of sticking to a white backsplash, add in zellige tiles for more visual interest.

Rich Green, White, and Black

If you’re on the fence between light and dark cabinets, try both. Just like this kitchen by Rebecca Rollins Interiors, create a two-toned kitchen with a rich green color for the lower cabinets and clean white cabinets on the top.

Black, Gray, and Brown

This monochromatic black kitchen is undeniably stunning with dark cabinets contrasted by brass pulls and knobs. The partial wooden wall accents add warmth while the marble adds to its sophistication.

Brown, White, and Cream

No need to give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint every time you want to make a change in the kitchen. Let this villa kitchen by WeeSpaces inspire you. The wood veneer cabinets paired with white and cream walls, countertops, and floors give this kitchen a clean and down-to-earth look.

Green, White, and Soft Gray

There’s something so serene about a green kitchen and this design by Jessica Nelson Design is proof. The gorgeous green hue of the cabinets and drawers is split with a sleek, white countertop.

Brown, White, and Light Gray

You can’t go wrong with a brown and white color scheme, but it’s the details in this kitchen designed by Erin Williamson Design that add that special touch. The walnut wood of the cabinets and hutch add warmth, and the custom hood adds visual interest.

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