The Statement Plants Hilton Carter Swears By To Style A Living Room 

When it comes to styling a living room with some greenery, there are a few plants that stand out to interior stylist Hilton Carter. Known for his skills in decorating with abundant plant life, the Baltimore native loves utilizing plants to set the tone for a room. While many of Carter's home's rooms may resemble an eclectic botanical garden, the living room is his favorite space to showcase greenery. On his Instagram, Carter explained that the living room is a great place to decorate with large, bold plants and emphasized their relaxing properties, saying, "There is no better way to bring about a sense of calm than being surrounded by plants."

Fig trees

While the fiddle-leaf fig was Hilton Carter's starting point for plant styling, he now says he would choose any Ficus tree to adorn a living room. As he puts it on Instagram, "They create the perfect vibe." These types of trees (Ficus') are common indoor plants that feature abundant greenery. With over 800 varieties, you'll be spoiled for choice, but some of Carter's favorites are the elegant audrey and the leafy benjamina (or weeping fig). For a natural focal point, position your tree on the floor between furniture or in a bare corner of the room. The plant's verdant color will pop against neutral walls and white, brown, and gray furnishings.

The ZZ plant

Native to Africa, the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is high on Hilton Carter's list of statement plants to style with. Known for its rich, waxy leaves, the tropical perennial is versatile when it comes to livening up a space. On Instagram, Carter says, "This lower light tolerant beauty fits in any room, but when you sit one in the corner of the room, it just instantly lifts the space to the next level." The ZZ plant likes bright, natural light and is relatively easy to care for. However, prolonged direct sunlight may lead to yellowing and deterioration. The zanzibar gem can also grow in shadier areas with minimal fluorescent lighting.

Ponytail palm

Another one of Hilton Carter's top living room plants is the ponytail palm or elephant's foot (Beaucarnea recurvata). Not actually a palm, this unique evergreen plant is rather low-maintenance, although it loves to soak up the sun. Carter says, "You'll need plenty of light for this one, but it's a good one!" (via Instagram). With a thick, root-like trunk and free-flowing branches, the ponytail palm easily draws attention to itself in many sun-filled locations. Because it loves direct sunlight over indirect light, it's ideal to place your potted ponytail near vast, exposed windows. Placing your growing plant within the corner of large casement or floor-to-ceiling windows would benefit dual sides of the plant.

Swiss cheese plant

With about 300 plants growing in Hilton Carter's Baltimore home, the plant enthusiast loves the majestic presence of the swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa). Known for its dense green color and distinctive fenestrations, the tropical plant can instantly transform a space as an indoor houseplant. "The plant is just a tropical vibe setter," he explains (via Instagram). Originating in the rainforests of Central America, the ornamental plant may stand tall or broad when grown indoors. Unable to hide, the swiss cheese plant may reach up to 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide indoors while soaking in a full day's indirect rays.

Umbrella plant

For a big green statement, there is no other plant like the umbrella plant (Schefflera). An exquisite flowering variety, this type features a tall physique and charming leaflets that Hilton Carter adores. An abundance of diverse green and yellow umbrella plant shrubs may often be seen within the landscaping of South Florida. However, this plant thrives well indoors in vibrant, filtered sunlight. While this variety may grow over 10 feet indoors, there's a dwarf type that won't grow as tall. With its diverse shapes and sizes, the umbrella plant offers an assortment of options when styled within a living room.

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