The Power of Plants in Interior Design

Plants are a critical element of good interior design, and one of the most overlooked! When clients feel like something is missing from their rooms, or their space just doesn’t feel cozy, it’s often because they are missing a natural element like plants. So, let’s dig into this a little more, and discover the power of using plants in your interior design.

Empty Corners Empty corners in a room can be rather boring. Now, that doesn’t mean that every corner of your house should have a plant, but definitely consider adding a large potted plant or small tree in an empty corner of your living room, dining room, and/or bedroom.

Bookshelves Yes, bookshelves are for books, but if you want your bookshelves to look like they belong in a magazine versus a library, you should add a few small plants. They will add great color and texture to your shelves, and bring life to your decor.

Dining Table A dining room table needs a centerpiece, and a vase with greenery, stems, or florals is a great way to create that all-important central focal point.

Coffee Table If you’re unsure how to decorate your coffee table, let me help you out…one thing that should be on your coffee table is a small plant or a small grouping of florals. Not only is it a great decorative element for any table top, but it will help to add a fresh, organic look to your living room.

Entry Table To me, the entry/foyer table is a natural place for a plant. Why? Because your entry is the place where we transition every day from the outdoors to the inside of our homes. What better way to embrace and celebrate that transition than with a natural element?

Bathrooms This one might surprise you, but if you think back to the principles and elements of design, it makes perfect sense. Bathrooms are filled with smooth, hard elements like tile and metal plumbing fixtures, and often have very neutral color schemes. A small plant or vase with greenery are fantastic ways to add both a pop of color, and introduce a new texture to your bathroom.

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