17 simple ways to make your home look more expensive

Level up your glassware

Dated glassware can make even the most thoughtful tablescape look worn out. Up your game with some additional details: think scalloped edges, ribbed detailing or unusual shapes — but it's always best to keep it classic when the occasion requires, for example with these elegant champagne glasses.

Enjoy a quality bedspread

A thick, quality bedspread or throw is a simple way to make your bedroom look more considered. Christy's Jaipur went viral on Instagram for its super-soft touch and rich colouring: a luxurious combination.

Fit your own waterfall showerhead

Under £10 but capable of transforming your bathroom, the waterfall showerhead doesn't have to be reserved for spa visits or holidays. They're easy to fit, too.

Choose candlesticks as well as votives

We all have our favourite votives and fun candles, but add a candlestick into the mix for a more refined look. These work great for dinner parties, as well as on fireplaces and shelving.

Install minimalist bathroom fittings

Consider upgrading your bathroom fixtures and fittings — and yes, you can still do this if you rent. Self-adhesive options make it simple to do at a low cost, and it changes the whole look of your bathroom — matching shower caddies create a cohesive look and keep bottles and tubs off the edge of your bath. Bonus!

Tidy clutter away

There's one thing all the expensive houses in your favourite magazines and TV shows have in common, and that's zero clutter. While we can't always add more storage space or reduce the number of things that we need, getting as much away as possible can help create a calm home. Pretty baskets can stay on surfaces in bathrooms and bedrooms and look great while hiding rogue bits and bobs that are a bit more unsightly.

Add bookends to your shelves

Bookends add character to shelves, and the right kind of character looks expensive. They also add interest to an otherwise standard space and give added thought and personality to a typically lesser-loved area of the home.

Upgrade your light fittings

Lighting is the most important element of interior design, and if you take the layered approach, it can be an inexpensive way to elevate a room. Pendant and hanging lights add instant sophistication — particularly in kitchen and dining areas.

Add a carafe to your tablescape

A carafe just feels fancy — and it looks fancy too. A simple way to upgrade serving wine or water, adding a carafe to your table can give it a polished feel and create a more sophisticated dining experience. Ideally, match it to your glassware or go for something totally different to contrast.

Embrace patterned fabrics

While minimalist, chic fixtures and fittings create an expensive finish, bold, colourful fabrics can do so too. Different patterns and textures in clashing colours can also add layers of interest to a space.

Add interest into everyday items

Putting more thought into everyday items is a surefire way to change the way you feel about your home. Swap your fruit bowl for these pretty punnets, which look great on a dining room table bursting with colours.

Add an affordable sculpture to your shelves

Sculptures can add instant value to a room — but they don't have to be pricey. Simple designs and traditional materials work best for an expensive look: think gold, silver, bronze and brass.

It's time for a dinner plate set that matches

Rule number one of hosting: matching dinnerware. It's an essential part of your tablescape so having a cohesive look is important. Matching plates in rich tones tend to look more expensive than a mix-and-match vibe, and it's a lot more affordable to do than it looks.

Invest in a linen bedding set

Linen is on the pricier side when it comes to bedding, but it's worth it for its luxurious, soft feel — and H&M's set is a little more affordable than most. Its rustic, crumpled look adds an air of quiet luxury to the bedroom. Pair khaki with simple, neutral accessories.

Upgrade your towels

Top-quality towels can transform not only your bathroom but your showering experience, and these ones from Rise and Fall are personal favourites. They're huge, giving that luxurious feel, and ultra-soft, even after washing. Once you use them you won't want to go back to your 'regular' towels (sorry).

Host with rustic wooden serving boards

Wooden serving boards add rustic charm to last-minute get-togethers. Serve bread, cheese, meats or fruits; it will instantly look better than on a dinner plate. Wood not your vibe? There are plenty of serving platters out there to suit all kinds of tables.

Find your fragrance

A home that smells nice is a home that feels looked after. Add some spa-like luxury to yours with diffusers, candles, and room sprays in scents of lavender and cedarwood. Tip: these touches make guest bathrooms feel extra special!

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