The most popular bedroom colours of 2023


A quintessential country bedroom colour – green is is associated with balance and harmony, and the revitalising aspects of nature. Here, the green theme is embraced to full effect – the soft colours and organic Ginko leaf motif make this bedroom look light and fresh, despite the heavy use of pattern.


A perennially popular colour throughout the home, executed in a novel manner in this Little Greene bedroom. Greys are so often matched with neutral companions – whites and creams are popular – but here warming ochre and touches of brown create a cosier scheme.


Despite being one of the boldest of design decisions, black bedrooms proved more popular than a softer pink or navy in 2023. Decorating with black takes a bit more consideration than other colours, this fabulous Nordic-style bedroom executes it so well, mixing in a lot of warming wood, and hints of blue.


Blue is the ultimate shapeshifter, spanning a cooling spectrum, from pale sky blues that pair wonderfully with crisp whites, to deep inky grey-blues that create moody and sophisticated design schemes. This bedroom picks up blues throughout, using the palest blue-toned white on its walls as a backdrop to a fabulous hollyhock wall hanging.


A pink bedroom certainly doesn't have to look sugary. Chalky pink, mauve, and deep berry shades work best on walls, where primary pink can look overwhelming. The key to finishing a pink room in a way that doesn't look too young is to add lots of texture and pattern – the rug, grey-toned wood, and interesting wall panelling do a good job here.


A surprising sixth place for such a classic shade. Pristine white bedrooms can look lifted from the pages of a magazine, and lend themselves to almost all design styles, from farmhouse to Scandinavian.


Shades of blue appear three times in the top ten, with navy being the darkest and arguably most sophisticated. This bedroom offsets the inky walls with some bright pops of white, and strict pattern in the headboard and quilt.


A surprising entry at number eight. Purple can be a tricky colour to pull off, especially a mid purple (pastel purple and the deep aubergine shown here are more forgiving.) This bedroom balances the dark walls perfectly, with a light herringbone floor and soft pink accessories – a pale blue would make a happy third match here.


Teal offers a bit more warmth than navy or light blue, and sits happily with other deep jewel tones as well as in more opulent design schemes. According to the colour wheel, yellow and red make the perfect complement to teal – both picked up in this fabulous wallpaper by Little Greene.


A warmer neutral than white or cream (which comes in at twelfth place,) beige can be a bit flat unless it is paired quite masterfully with some texture and pattern. The limewash effect on the walls is a little more forgiving than standard paint as it gives you a large expanse of texture before you even start adding your furniture and accessories.


A sunny entry in eleventh place, and a deceptively versatile one. Cooler variants of yellow with undertones of green look fresh and citrusy, whilst natural materials – like this wooden bed frame, stone walls, and fabulous hanging branch – add a touch of the Mediterranean.


A little cooler than beige, but warmer than white, cream is a classic middle ground that acts as a fairly blank canvas in a bedroom. Warm it up as shown in this fabulous country bedroom with some rich wood and rust coloured bed linen.

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