The Italian company Cesar, which has been manufacturing kitchen furniture for more than half a century, has released a number of updated versions of its collections, some of which will be presented as part of the Salone del Mobile 2023.


N_elle's minimalistic storage systems are designed to fit seamlessly not only into the kitchen space, but also into the living room. The facades are sawn at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows you to keep the lines clean and visually lighten the silhouette. Cesar offers a wide range of finishes, from different types of marble to laminated matt finishes, allowing you to customize furniture to suit your interior.


The Tangram series is inspired by the Chinese Tangram puzzle, the meaning of which is to assemble a complex figure from several pieces. Designer Garcia Cumini has rethought the logic of this game and created a collection of straight and curved furniture elements that can be combined with each other.

The flowing forms of the composition add dynamics to the interior, and the relief surface of the facades allows the doors to “dissolve”, ensuring the integrity of the image. The final touch, emphasizing the idea of ontinuous sinuosity, is a narrow groove that decorates the rounded edges of the tabletop.

Unit Pocket

Another project by Garcia Cumini is a kitchen composition that does not have to be placed against the wall. It is suitable for open-plan apartments and spacious kitchen-living rooms. In one version of the model, a through window is provided in the center: on one side of the system, you can cook, and on the other, equip the dining area.