The interior of the room in the Japanese style

The design of the apartment and the house in the Japanese style guarantees comfort, peace of mind, and harmony. In a style that has been considered fashionable for many years, exoticism and restraint are perfectly combined.

By decorating housing and rooms in the Japanese style, a person learns the philosophical meaning and cultural traditions of the East and plunges into a world where peace and silence live.

Japanese Style: Formation and Development The formation of the Japanese style in interior design goes back to the 16-17th centuries. Influential factors for its formation include: - Seismological instability; - Folk traditions; - High level of occupancy; - Small mineral reserves; - Climatic features.

Since the 16th century, every room in Japanese homes was decorated almost according to the style principles that have survived until our times. The spirit of tradition and good taste with high values triumphed over ostentatious chic and excesses.

Japanese Style: Basics Nowadays, the ethnic and especially the Eastern direction is very popular. The features of the style include: - Minimalism; - Practicality; - Mobility; - Unity with nature. If you want to create a Japanese interior for your home, you should know its basic principles and rules.

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