Meet 'borderless living' - the design trend architects love as it creates minimalist spaces you want to have fun in

Open-plan homes have been a feature of modern design for a while now. But architects have been upping the sense of freedom they create with a move towards borderless living, where indoors and out are blended as one. It's not a new idea - it was pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright decades ago - but in its new iteration we see this blended living extend, evolving with the way we want to live now.


This house takes the use of moving patio doors to extremes. Almost half the house is enveloped in walls that seemingly disappear. Creating a seamless integration of outside space that ushers light and nature into the living area. Simultaneously making the transition from inside to outside easier.


We love an outdoor kitchen, but there are times were they just aren't practical. This home boasts windows (or are they walls?) that give you the joy of cooking al fresco whilst being in a fully equipped kitchen.


If the social space in the main home wasn't enough, there is also an event barn. It too retains the organic charm of the farm. The substantial space is fully kitted out with a badminton net, an outdoor sleeping loft and a custom floating bar.


The overall flow in this home is exceptional. Every area bleeds into the next without feeling cluttered, using subtle positioning techniques to distinguish areas.

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