The Color Trends Designers Can't-Wait to See in 2023

Earth Tones

If the recently-announced 2023 Sherwin Williams color of the year is any indication, warm earthy tones are here to stay in 2023. Compared to the earthy colors that were popular in the 1990s, these shades have a more boho and mid-century modern feeling.

Rich, Dark Colors

Dark colors have a depth to them that you can’t get from a pastel or a neutral. So, they’re creating these really satisfying designs that are a treat for the eyes.

Warm Neutrals

The consensus is that grey is out and warm neutrals will continue to dominate in 2023. “The color trends have gone from all white to warm neutrals, and in 2023 we will be warming up those neutrals even more.”

Pink and Rose Hues

Earthy and moody pinks is the color trend she’s most excited for in 2023. “Pink by nature is a color that promotes tranquility and healing, it is no wonder that homeowners are now more receptive than ever to this rosy hue.”


With the prediction that Pantone’s color of the year will be Digital Lavender, a light pastel purple, designers say the pastel trend will make its way to home decor.

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