The biggest interior design mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

1. Not having a clear vision

This common mistake is often committed by people rushing into a room transformation and purchasing items for the room without a clear vision of the end result.

We see people design their spaces from details upwards rather than the other way around but we always suggest to have a very holistic approach to the design to avoid the final results to look not cohesive.

2. Getting the scale wrong

Scale is so important - this is more than just measuring to check if items will fit, it's understanding how all the furniture and accessories look together.

That's right, turns out size does matter. A massive chair next to a little desk, a tiny frame on a large expansive wall, huge bedside tables next to a small double bed or a ginormous laundry basket in the corner of a compact bathroom will all throw off the overall look of the interior.

3. Trying to mix too many different styles

It can get so overwhelming when designing a room as there are so many styles out there to be inspired by but this can lead to the end result looking like a hot mess!

4. Not having enough contrast

Contrast is key to a well considered design as it keeps the space from looking dull and flat while also helping to highlight certain features in a room. Just think about how much more impactful a black vase looks set against a white wall compared to a very dark one.

5. Following fads

We love trends and watching how interior styles evolve over time. Interior trends adapt to our needs and wants; they are representative of what we, as humans, are more drawn to right now, what brings us comfort in day to day life and the direction of how interiors will cohabitate with people in years to come.

6. Bad lighting = bad décor

We see it time and time again: lighting being left as an afterthought. Really, lighting should be one of the first things that you consider when planning a home update as it really makes SUCH a difference. This works both ways - if you have fantastic lighting, it can transform a space, if it's a bit rubbish, your room is in danger of looking a bit rubbish too. Sorry, the truth hurts.

7. A Feng shui nightmare

Walls don't have magnetic forces that pull furniture towards them, so you don't need to plan your layout like they do. You have the entire space to play with, so please don't feel restricted to pinning furniture against the walls - in fact, we suggest that you don't.

8. Extreme budget buying

We all love a bargain and it's amazing how luxurious and classy a lot of budget buys can look, especially when styled well. However, sometimes pricier items have that price point for a reason - they're just stunning. Whilst, you can update most of the home on a pretty reasonable budget, especially if you're a fan of rummaging in second-hand shops, DIY and up-cycling old furniture pieces, you should allow yourself a one-off splurge every once in a while.

9. Not-so-wall of fame

Hanging art is a tricky skill to master because there isn't a set of simple rules to follow - this is an area of interior décor is where you can really let your creative juices flow. Whether it's a symmetrical tryptic of frames, an eclectic gallery wall or a statement canvas, you want to get the spacing and height right.

10. Small space doesn't mean small design

If you have a small room and think it's too small to look beautiful, then tell yourself off. Every room deserves TLC and small spaces are often where you can have the most fun!

11. The wrong rug

A rug should be a large part of your room décor, therefore an important part to get right.  We have listed some simple rules to follow so you hopefully don't make any expensive mistakes, and get it right first time!

12. When you don't remember to measure

This is a simple one and we won't spend too much time on it: PLEASE remember to measure your room and furniture to make sure everything fits like a glove.

13. How's it hanging

Hanging curtains too low can make the walls look shorter and the finish look a bit cheaper. Also, if it's practical, we recommend having floor length curtains even if the glazing isn't down to the floor - this gives a more luxurious and cosier finish.

14. When finishing touches get forgotten

How many times have you completed the big tasks of a project, yet the final touches have always been pushed to the bottom of your to-do list?

15. Feeling obliged to keep hand me downs

Ok, as kind as it is for your grandma to give you that 30+ year worn leather recliner sofa (no amount of up-cycling could bring it into the 21st century) and as much as we go on about using existing furniture to be more sustainable, sometimes, it just won't work.

16. Ignoring 'less is more'

There's no smoke without fire and no one said 'less is more' without good reason. Try not to overcomplicate your home update by squeezing in too much furniture or creating clutter that isn't necessary. Think about what you absolutely need, start there, and then consider what you want after. This makes it easier to prioritise and keep clutter to a minimum. Tidy home, tidy mind.

17. Pure brilliant white

We love white, light and bright interiors (yep, we rhyme as well as design - oops there we go again). However, in the world of interiors there isn't just your 'pure brilliant white' available on the market.

18. Falling into the trap of matching furniture sets

Of course we would like our home to look coherent and everything to look good together. The fear that  the finished design won't look cohesive allows people to fall into the trap of matching furniture sets, everywhere.

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