The Best Plants to Put in Your Bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, houseplants aren’t nature’s air purifiers, capable of “cleaning” the air before your breathe it in. They do, however, come with other health benefits, and can help reduce stress levels, boost our productivity, and improve our mood and outlook. Plus, from a design perspective, houseplants add color and life to a room, as well as the feeling of bringing the calming effects of nature indoors.

The best plants for bedrooms

First and foremost, the best plants for your bedroom are ones that you won’t kill, and won’t kill you (or, more realistically, trigger your allergies). So, before investing in any kind of houseplant, be sure it’s not one you’re allergic to, but is one that you’re comfortable maintaining. Here are a few to consider ➡️

Aloe vera

Although aloe requires a lot of sunlight, it doesn’t need a lot of water to survive, making it a great set-it-and-forget-it bedroom plant. Plus, it’s pretty convenient if you need to soothe any cuts or burns.

Snake plant

Also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue,” this is one of the easiest plants to keep alive. It just needs partial or low light, and the occasional watering, and it’ll keep growing. It’s also easy to dust.

French lavender

Lavender has a reputation of promoting sleep, and there’s even some limited scientific evidence supporting that claim. But even if sniffing the plant or its oil doesn’t lull you to sleep, you may enjoy the aroma and colorful blossoms when they’re in season.

The tricky part is that most lavender won’t survive indoors. You can always plant some outside your bedroom window, or, if you want it in houseplant form, opt for potted French lavender.

Money plants

Not only do their long, slender leaves add a unique shape to your decor, but as long as they’re placed in bright, indirect light, they’re relatively easy to maintain.

Fake plants

Plants don’t necessarily need to be real in order for you to reap their health benefits. Plus, faux foliage is the easiest to maintain—just don’t forget to dust it regularly.

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