The Best Method For Watering Hanging Plant Baskets

Hanging plant baskets can be a great addition to your home if you don't have a dedicated garden or are short on space. Available in a variety of colors, these gorgeous baskets will liven up your patio and front door, filter out pollutants to improve air quality, and enhance your surroundings with natural fragrances. But you can reap all these benefits only if you give them adequate water. As these plants are subject to direct sunlight and wind due to their hanging position, you must water them at least once a day during the hot summer months.

Use a watering can or wand

You can use an extendable watering can to reach your hanging plant baskets, or invest in a watering wand to make your daily watering activity easier on your arms. Generally, a 12-to-14-inch hanging plant basket will need 1 gallon of water during each of the watering sessions. Since these potting mixtures are light and drain quickly, ensure that you slowly water the soil — not the foliage — to allow it to absorb and retain moisture.

A rule of thumb is to keep watering until you see a fraction of water run out of the bottom, indicating the soil is thoroughly watered. Although if the water drains very quickly, it means that the soil hasn't had a chance to absorb it. In such situations, you'll have to water the plant a couple of times.

In comparison, you will have to offer new baskets less water, equal to half the volume of their container. The trick is to help the plants grow and develop deep-reaching roots. Foliage will grow and flowers will bloom once the roots graze the bottom.

Tips to keep your hanging plant baskets from wilting 

While you need to water your hanging plant baskets every day during the summer, maybe even more than once a day if they need more water, it's easy to overwater them if you fear they'll go thirsty. Similarly, it can be difficult for you to gauge when they need water. Since overwatering and underwatering can both harm your plants and cause them to wilt, it's necessary to check the soil daily before watering them.

Dip your finger in the soil, and if the top 1 to 2 inches feel dry, your plants need water. Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to ensure that the soil has time to absorb moisture before it evaporates. Layering the soil with organic compost and mulch will also help retain moisture during hot weather.

Conversely, you'll need to water them less if your plants receive ample rainfall. But if the uppermost part of the plant blocks the rain from reaching the soil, you'll have to water them regularly during wet periods, too. Your hanging plant baskets will need water just two to three times a week during cooler weather.

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