The 6 must-have essentials I keep in my plant care kit – here's why you should have them too

1. Moisture Meter

This little bit of kit can seem a bit extreme for simple houseplant care but given that most of my past plants died due to water issues, it has easily become my most essential must-have in my plant care kit!

2. Velcro Tape

I am a sucker for some of the world's most Instagrammable house plants like the Monstera. These immense monsters quickly start to become a bit top-heavy, however (this is something I only learned on my second monstera plant after I ashamedly killed the first before it grew much bigger than when I bought it).

3. Watering Globes

Remember me mentioning that most of my past plants died due to issues with watering? Well, watering globes have truly helped to keep most of my collection alive – especially when I am away from home.

4. Pruning Scissors

It turns out that occasional pruning is not only for garden ideas but for your houseplants too! I found that my gardening shears are just a little too big and clumsy for my small delicate houseplants.

5. Rooting Powder

I cannot get over just how expensive houseplants are sometimes, so learning how to take plant cuttings and propagate was a must when I truly got into house plant care. It was my mom that originally introduced me to the wonders of rooting powder and now I would never go back.

6. A Plant First-Aid Kit

Okay, I admit, this is technically more than one item. My plant first aid kit is possibly one of the most vital additions to my plant care kit that I recommend any houseplant (or outdoor plant) lover keeps in their cupboard or shed – especially if you own one of the hardest houseplants to keep alive.

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