18 Best Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Dress Up Windows

Play With Pattern

In an otherwise neutral space, these blue-and-white patterned Roman shades add texture and color. We love that there's a light fixture above each window for a sense of balance.

Let in Light

Light-filtering shades provide privacy without preventing natural light from entering the kitchen — especially important for illuminating your prep station. Here, Dorling Design Studio contrasts a black window with a crisp white shade.

Try Beautiful Blue

Take note from Studio Munroe and match your window treatments to the backsplash — bright blue is just one option. For added style, consider a floral pattern.

Experiment With Subtle Pattern

Here, designer Maren Baker proves that patterned shades aren't always a bold choice. This textured print pairs beautifully with light blue cabinetry and a butcher-block countertop.

Infuse Texture With Rattan

To complement this bold kitchen design (notice terracotta-colored upper walls, teal cabinets and geometric backsplash tiles), designer Michelle Bordeau goes for a natural rattan Roman shade.

Create a Focal Point

Use a whimsical pattern to draw attention to the window above the sink. Here, LH.Designs creates contrast with a floral print against white walls and cabinetry.

Hang a Balloon Shade

Mixing modern with vintage, blogger Bre Bertolini installs an off-white balloon shade to complete the look. Plus, she hangs it slightly higher than the window to make the room feel larger.

Put Up Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains, which are short curtains that cover only a portion of a window, add instant charm to any kitchen. We love that designer Sarah Stacey chose these beige ruffled panels.

Consider Floor-Length Curtains

If your drapes aren't over the counter, or too close to a stove, opt for floor-length sheers to cozy up the space. Here, blogger Brigette Muller of @hummusbirrd hangs them from a gold curtain rod.

Add an Element of Granny Chic

While these floral shades may feel like grandma's house, the rest of the kitchen is super modern and moody. The completed interior by Woodland Road Design feels chic with a subtle vintage touch.

Say Yes to Stripes

You can't go wrong with classic stripes, especially if you prefer rustic or farmhouse kitchen design. Here, BHDM Design also uses striped fabric for the bar stool cushions to create balance.

Blend Into the Background

Stick with a streamlined design by hanging a solid white Roman shade that matches the walls. Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs suggests settling on the curtains last — once you've chosen the cabinet color, counters, backsplash and lighting.

Coordinate With Cabinets

Once you choose a color scheme, try patterned shades that tie the space together. Here, Banner Day Interiors goes for a green-and-white geometric print that coordinates with the walls and cabinets.

Install Rods Inside the Window Frame

If you're concerned about not having enough space to hang curtains, go for simple tension rods that fit within the window frame. For an added dose of glam, consider letting your curtains puddle right on the windowsill.

Hang Curtains High

Make kitchen windows appear larger by hanging curtain rods at least six inches above. Here, designer Maggie Griffin puts them nearly a foot higher for a more dramatic look.

Dress Large Windows

For this expansive window over the kitchen sink, Ponton Interiors chooses a wide striped shade that extends from cabinet to cabinet. The dangling tassels add a dose of texture.

Stick With Neutral Shades

If you've already opted for a vibrant cabinet color or colorful backsplash, settle on a muted Roman shade that blends seamlessly with the space. Hint: Cordless shades can avoid a cluttered look.

Create a Vintage Feel

Steal inspiration from designer Sarah Barnard and sprinkle in antique elements, like this elegant balloon shade that sits prominently above the kitchen sink.

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