The 5 best outdoor potted plants to grow on your balcony or tiny patio


What makes begonias special is that their beautiful blooming heads actually prefer shade. I know, right? Wild! So, if you have an outdoor area or balcony that is partially or even fully shaded and you have been feeling frustrated about the types of plants you can grow there, well, let me introduce you to begonias.


Hydrangeas are pretty low maintenance; they like partial sun, so if you need to move them into the sunlight for a few hours in the morning do so, but they’ll probably get enough naturally as long as your spot isn’t completely dark.


By some, purslane can be mistaken as a weed, but this feisty little shrub is actually a brilliant plant for a beginner gardener as it grows super fast and is actually considered a superfood. Yup, that’s right. Its tart, tangy leaves can be added to salads and are really good for you. So, by giving this plant a chance, you also get something pretty cool in return, too — an addition to your dinner.


An oldie, but a goodie, you really can’t go wrong with this stalwart herb. Of course, it smells delightful, and then there are the practical uses such as using it as seasoning or in cocktails and mocktails, but this plant really does grow well in a container.


You’ll have seen these thin, spiky plants in gardens before, no doubt. With their kooky long legs, they’re hard to miss! As one of the hardiest outdoor container plants there is, they’re pretty much a stalwart of every green-fingered enthusiast's garden, so if you’re starting out and need something that’s easy to keep alive, this could be for you.

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