The 34 Best Accent Wall Colors

1. Go dark and bold with black

2. Give the room an airy feel with sage green

3. Warm-up the room with a spicy desert palette

4. Combine blue and sandstone for a beachy feel

5. Light up the space with a mellow yellow

6. Chanel rustic summers with an olive green

7. Choose medium blue for a calming atmosphere

8. Cheer up a room with a bubblegum pink

9. Try an emerald green for a luxurious feel

10. Go royal with a rich purple

11. Bring the sea inside with an aqua blue

12. Try cobalt blue for a rich aura

13. Bronze for an urban atmosphere

14. Fake a brick wall to maintain a cozy tone 

15. Catch the breeze with an airy blue

16. Go charcoal for a cozy yet light feel

17. Bring summer inside with a lemon yellow

18. Try a gray and peanut butter combo

19. A peachy hue for a warm yet airy space

20. Choose an earthy orange for a dreamy autumn atmosphere

21. Go with a stunning navy

22. Achieve a bold and hot aura with a deep pink

23. Choose lilac for a gentle touch of color

24. Khaki green for the bolder ones

25. Choose a dark gray for a lighter Industrial style

26. Coral for a warm yet not too flashy space

27. Choose a bright mossy green for a fresh style

28. Stick with an ever-changing neutral

29. Pair violet and red for an unexpected fusion

30. Try a rich yellow-orange combination

31. Stay with the traditional yet outgoing cream

32. Pick a light gray for a less dramatic feel 

33. Try a dusty rose for a touch of spring

34. Get an innovative greige hue for a comfortable setting

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