The 2023 Decor Trends Designers Wish They'd Skipped

When it comes to interior design, it can be tricky to know what decor trends to buy into and what to skip. While 2023 trends included leaning into bold color, maximalist style, dark countertops, and a nod to Art Deco, some others like all-white interiors, sparse spaces, and wiggly furnishings weren't as popular. They may not be entirely trends to skip, but at least ones to put on the back burner if you are currently designing or updating your space. Looking for some advice? We sat down with interior designers to get their take on design trends they wish they'd skipped.

Delicate Kitchen Hardware

Bay Area designer Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors is currently obsessing over "kitchen cabinetry that emulates bespoke furniture." In fact, she believes it's a trend that will be a mainstay, however, delicate cabinet hardware is less than practical.

Bare Windows

When it comes to design trends, it's easy to understand why bare windows are popular given their "alignment with the ongoing minimalist aesthetic that has remained popular over the past few decades," says Kelly Simpson, senior director of design and innovation at Budget Blinds. "While the concept of unobstructed views and abundant natural light holds its appeal, the absence of window treatments can sometimes make a space feel cold and sterile," Simpson says.

Cold Design

Jenni Lauri, founder of Lauri Design Studio, says it's time to "step away from the cold, sterile confines of design." Lauri says warm and classic textures add depth to a space. "My passion lies in the artful fusion of aged metals, natural organic finishes, stained woods, and plaster paint, creating a symphony of textures," Lauri says.

Accent Walls

"The design trend that I would like to go away is accent walls," says designer Raquel Skrobarczyk of Heather Scott Home & Design. "If you love a pattern or color enough, it should be on all the walls (maybe even the ceiling too!). Really embracing color and pattern in certain rooms make such an impact. When there is just one wall with an accent color, it tends to look unfinished and not as put together."

White and Grays

Jillian Ezra, founder of Lagom Home, a luxury home rental company, wants to get rid of overly white interiors.

"I've said goodbye to grays, but I'm not ready for warm wood with orange undertones," Ezra says. "I'm loving bold pops of color, especially jewel tones in moderation."

Consider different types of neutrals if you still like an understated color scheme. In fact, many of the 2024 colors of the year from top paint brands are embracing new neutrals and moving away from whites and grays.

Monochromatic Rooms

In line with her thoughts on overly white interiors, Ezra also isn't a fan of monochromatic rooms. Ditch the single color palette and overly matchy decor for complementary hues and plenty of texture.

Mass-Produced Art

Looking for a way to add a special design detail to a room? Opt for local or vintage art or find an artisan online. For Ezra, mass-produced art is a trend to skip out on.

While she says large pieces of original art can be expensive, there are clever ways to save. "Get yourself on Etsy, find an amazing digital print, print it...and buy a huge IKEA frame," she says.

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