The 12 best minimalist plates to help you perfect the 'quiet luxury' vibe


1. Yuka dinner plate

The Yuka dinner plate set from OYOY is made of colored clay with a shiny glaze, offering an earthy understated elegance at your table. The series consists of plates, bowls, and cups in natural colors.

2. Hasami plate

Made in Hasami, Japan from porcelain and clay, the (D10.25") Hasami dinner plate has a traditional Japanese aesthetic with upright edges that create clean, natural lines. One of the best glazed plates, it's available in gloss grey or matte black for minimalist rustic style.

3. Inka dinner plate

Available in brown, caramel or white, the (D10.24") Inka dinner plates are easy to mix and match for a modern rustic table setting. They're made from 100% porcelain, so can be popped in the dishwasher too.


1. Dolce white dinner plate

Made in Portugal, these beautiful (D10.5") terracotta plates are finished with a matte white glaze and look like they were picked up at a local pottery studio. Despite their delicate appearance they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

2. Inge white dinner plate

Originally designed by Gianfranco Frattini in 1981, this chunky yet minimalist dinnerware collection has a clever modular concept, with different-sized plates nestling neatly into each other, starting with the generously-sized D11.75" dinner plate.

3. Mack white dinner plate

Part of the Mack dinnerware collection and a CB2 exclusive, this beautifully simple (D10.75") dinner plate features a tapered rim detail around its slim flat profile, offering easy elegance for everyday dining or special occasions.


1. Wilshire salad plate

Made with French porcelain and offered with a gold or platinum rim, this (D8.5") Wilshire salad plate from Ralph Lauren will add glamour and gravitas to your table without being showy. Team it with the rest of the collection for a luxe look.

2. Infini plate

The Infini light grey dinner plate from Haviland is crafted from Limoges porcelain, with a textured, finely detailed rim to subtly contrast with its smooth centre. Ideal for those who want something more interesting than plain white and less dazzling than pattern.

3. Dauville dinner plate

For minimalism with a touch of glamour, this Dauville dinner plate from Canvas Home hits the mark. The crisp white porcelain surface is complemented with a hand-painted platinum rim for an elegant and understated aesthetic.


1. Colorwave coupe plate

Choose from blue, burgundy, chocolate, green or ice for the simple yet decorative trim around the Noritake colorwave couple dinner plates, to add interest to minimal styling at your table. The color appears on the base too.

2. Oco plate set

This simple, minimal Oco dinner plate set is from German-based ASA Selection. Founded in 1976 by designer Yvonne Schubkegel, the company produces beautiful handmade dinnerware and accessories.

3. Rim detail dinner plate

Offered with a pretty blue or yellow rim detail, this (D10.6") stoneware dinner plate oozes minimal style for elegant everyday living. There are dessert plates available in the same style too.

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