The 11 best eco paint brands for greener decorating at home


British brand Graphenstone's paints are carbon neutral and unique, containing Graphene which is a highly inert, innocuous, nontoxic pure carbon - a natural element, not a chemical.


Available in the US and UK, Earthborn is a true eco paint brand, making environmentally-conscious paints for almost 20 years. It was the first paint company in the UK to be awarded the EU Ecolabel, which recognises environmental excellence. Their paint is safe and easy to use, completely odor-free, contains no harmful toxins, is vegan-friendly and highly breathable.


Committed eco-campaigner and interior designer Edward Bulmer has been at the forefront of producing plant-based paints that are breathable and have no toxic chemicals or microbeads. He believes that when you choose natural paint you are choosing to make a difference to the world. His paints have a soft, finish in just two coats and come in over 100 colors. The company promotes biodiversity, carbon neutrality with honestly declared natural ingredients


Little Greene is a family company who is committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpaper. Its prodcuts are manufactured in the UK, with minimal impact on the environment. The paints are kind to you and your home. They have a low VOC content, so there is no need to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere or any respiratory issues, and they are virtually odorless. Innovative and interesting, it often leads the charge in color trends.


Inspired by the countryside and rich heritage that surrounds its West Country factory, Thorndown creates award-winning, technically excellent, eco wood paints.


From sourcing the very best ingredients to using sustainable packaging and only making paint to order, Victory Colours eco-credentials are present at every stage of the production. Its technically advanced formulation means the paint is durable, washable, and resistant to stains - ideal for family living room ideas. There are virtually no VOC’s and solvents, its easy to apply and dries with minimum odor. There are more than 80 colors in the range with capsule collections launched throughout the year.


Family run, Norfolk-based paint brand Fenwick & Tilbrook offer incredible chroma and pigment strength with its eco paints, and beautiful colors. All of its paint is made to order, reducing waste and avoiding stock sitting on shelves, and all box packaging and tape is plastic-free and recyclable, as are its forever-recyclable tins. Its paints are in the minimal VOC category with both the Pure Matt and Claypaint only containing a trace, reducing the impact on the environment.  As above, its shades are both restful and quietly uplifting, ideal for home office ideas.


Nordfarg is the only interior paint to have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval by AllergyUK for its VAGG interior wall finish, which was found to have a significantly reduced allergen content when it was independently tested.  It has also proved their continued commitment to the environment having been awarded the Nordic Swan for their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing methods. It have 30 soft neutrals to choose from in three paint finishes, all inspired by Nordic landscapes, and ideal when thinking about beige living room ideas.


10. LICK

Launched during lockdown, Lick is an innovative online paint brand that offers durable, designer paint in a range of pigment-rich shades with matt, eggshell or exterior finishes. Low VOC, eco-friendly, water-based and wipeable, they are good for you -and the planet, and better still they offer next day delivery and peel and stick samples.

11. COAT

The first Carbon Positive Paint Company in the world, Coat paints launched mid- pandemic with a goal to simplify buying paint. It only has three products, Matt Paint, Eggshell Paint and Exterior Paint, making it quite easy to focus your living room color ideas, and all finished fresh to order, by hand, the same day. Its hand-painted peel-and-stick swatches are 100% accurate and are made from recyclable PET material.

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