Shutter ideas – 15 smart solutions for windows

1. Opt For Tier-On-Tier Shutters For Ultimate Control

Combining the best of both worlds, tier-on-tier shutters boast the privacy, light control, and aesthetics of full-height shutters, while also incorporating the flexibility of café-style shutters – as each section can be opened independently.

2. Choose Cafe-Style Shutters For Street Facing Rooms

For street-facing or overlooked rooms, café-style shutters are a great option. Only installed on the lower part of the window, they allow the influx of natural light without compromising privacy. They can also be thrown wide when needed to open windows or let in light.

3. Vinyl Shutters For A Peaceful Bathroom

It is good practice to leave your window open when showering or bathing, regardless of whether you have an extractor fan, to get rid of condensation inside windows. However, with blinds, this practice can impede privacy or create a noisy environment as the blinds bang against the frame. A vinyl shutter, on the other hand, is a great bathroom window treatment as it can be opened to access the window, then securely closed, leaving the window open without compromising your privacy.

4. Select Solid Shutters To Add Architectural Interest

Solid shutter ideas are a stunning addition to any style of the room – especially one that’s lacking original features or architectural character. Providing texture and interest, whether open or shut, solid shutters can be paired with windows or enhance French door ideas. Since they are single panels with no gaps for draughts to pass through, solid shutters are also great for keeping your home warm and helping you to cut your energy bills this winter.

5. Use Your Shutters To Add Color And Interest

Opting for shutters, instead of window blind ideas, doesn’t mean that you have to reject creativity. There are myriad different colors and designs available, allowing you to make a statement with your window treatment. Paired with complementary pale lime walls and an array of accent cushions, these green Waterbury shutters from Thomas Sanderson, make an instantly eye-catching statement that could rival even the best accent wall ideas. Shutter ideas also help to add structure and shape to the room, while the louvers offer flexible light levels and essential privacy when needed.

6. Team Shutters With Drapes

For a stylish treatment for bay window ideas, consider combining shutter ideas with curtains. The shutters can fulfill the role of providing privacy in an overlooked room – and here it’s only café-style shutters that cover the lower part of the window that is required – while the curtains add softness to the interior.

7. Make A Statement With Black

While shutter ideas often feature white or wood finishes, think black to make a striking statement with your window treatment. In this room, they’re part of a palette that combines black with gold accents in a modern living room design. When open these solid shutters leave the large window exposed, keeping the room filled with daylight.

8. Match Shutters To Wallpaper

To create an interior that feels cocooning and cozy, complement wallpaper ideas in rich colors, such as when decorating with green, with shutters that repeat a hue from the design – it’s one of the options available in any room in which you use shutter ideas as a window treatment.

9. Control Light And Privacy With Shutters

Featuring adjustable louvers, plantation shutter ideas offer control over light and privacy while also adding a layer of insulation to windows. Easy to wipe clean, they can also ‘allow in considerably more light due to light from the louvers being reflected onto the ceiling making a room feel lighter, says Livia Gusman of Just Shutters.

10. Keep It Natural

Wood shutter ideas are a great alternative to painted finishes when considering living room color ideas. They’re ideal for interiors featuring neutral tones and will up the quotient of natural finishes in any room. Want a natural element but a more dramatic effect? Go for wood stains in richer and darker tones.

11. Make A Feature Of Solid Wood Shutters

If you’re lucky enough to have a property complete with beautiful original solid wood shutters, be sure to celebrate them. If they have an original wood finish then take care to preserve this, alternatively, if they have already been painted try highlighting them in a bold color.

12. Bring Shade To A Porch

Think shutter ideas to keep a back or front porch cool and comfortable when the sun is high. Using them here can create a cohesive feel between the interior and exterior of a house if they’re the chosen window treatment inside rooms.

13. Ensure The Perfect Fit With Custom Shutters

Windows are a huge part of the character of a period property, and to preserve this it’s important that they are given sympathetic window treatments. Opting for a made-to-measure service will ensure that blinds or shutters can be designed to fit around the architecture of your home, even if your windows are shaped or curved.

14. Choose Vinyl Shutters For A Bathroom

Offering the ability to alter light levels without compromising on privacy, shutters are a brilliant bathroom idea. However, it’s important to consider material as wood can warp in humid areas.

15. Opt For Flexibility

Tier on tier shutters are a flexible option for a room like a bathroom in which different levels of privacy might be required during a day. They allow just the lower part of the window to be covered, or the whole expanse of glass as needed.

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