The 10 Best-smelling Candles, According to experts 2023

In the time before social distancing — a time that now feels far, far away — We burned candles a few times a week: during the occasional bath, to banish the smell of cooked bacon or the lingering scent of the litter box, and because friends were coming over and we want the apartment to smell extra-clean. But now that We are working from home for more than two years and spending more time at home in general, we burn them like nobody’s business — lighting candles (and combinations of multiple candles) for hours at a time.

1. Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Scented Candle

This substantially sized candle will have the house smelling like sugar cookies, with notes of vanilla and sugar. This candle has a burn time of up to 150 hours and is crafted with paraffin wax that should melt in an even manner.

2. Craft & Kin Premium Wood Candle

With a slightly more distinctive take on the classic scents, this wood-scented candle from Craft & Kin is made from non-toxic soy wax, has a burn time of up to 45 hours, and comes in a stylishly rustic amber glass that will suit cozy decor nicely.

3. Sweet Water Decor Warm and Cozy Candle

Sweet Water Decor’s Warm + Cozy scented candle, which has notes of pine, orange, cinnamon, and fir.

4. La Jolíe Muse pine birchwood scented candle

This pine birchwood scented candle, crafted in a geometric ceramic jar that will look great on display, features a warm and cozy blend of smells that encapsulate that special transitory time, including birchwood, bergamot, mandarin, floral jasmine, lily, and rose, with subtle notes of classic musk, vetiver, caramel, and patchouli. This soy candle has a burn time of up to 80 hours.

5. Sweet Water Decor Hot Cocoa + Peppermint Soy Candle

Looking for the smell of a winter-favorite drink to fill your home? This candle has the delicious notes of steamy milk, cool peppermint, and rich hot cocoa that make hot cocoa + peppermint such an appealing aroma for winter.

6. Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Scented Candle

Nothing says “winter” like some live Christmas tree ambiance. This balsam and cedar scented candle from Yankee Candle will make any room smell like a blissful Christmas morning with its balsam, cedar, and juniper fragrance.

7. Our Own Candle Company Snickerdoodle Scented Candle

This mini mason jar candle comes in the delicious scent of freshly baked snickerdoodles. The candle is crafted with a special blend of soy and paraffin wax and has a built-in wick straightener, patented by Our Own Candle Company, that promises a consistently centered wick that won’t get lost in the wax. The candle provides up to 100 hours of burn time.

8. Calyan Wax Co. Home + Holiday Candle

Go one step further in committing to crafting the perfect ambiance with this Home + Holiday scented candle in the scent of cinnamon, vanilla, and gingerbread, infused with balsam. This soy candle has a 40-hour burn time.

9. Balsam fir large apothecary jar scented candle

Bring the great outdoors inside this winter with the notes of evergreen, citrus bergamot, and fresh balsam from this large apothecary jar candle, crafted with paraffin wax and essential oils. The dual wicks in this candle provide a more stable scent and reduce soot as it burns. This candle has a burn time of up to 170 hours.

10. One Fur All pecan pie odor eliminating candle

Make sure that furry friends don’t spoil any of the fun with this pet odor-eliminating candle from One Fur All. This candle has a scent blend of pecans, maple, and toasted coconut with notes of vanilla and a decadent pie crust. It’s specially formulated to neutralize pet odors, non-toxic and dye-free. This candle has a burn time of up to 60 hours.

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