9 bedroom TV ideas to help you hide or display your screen

1. Opt for a wall-mounted TV

'If you are opting for watching TV in bed, the most affordable solution would be to go for a wall-mounted TV which is combined deliberately with the other pieces of furniture in the room,' suggest Sabrina and Aude.

2. Treat your TV like art

'For design conscious consumers who want the benefits of a screen in their bedroom without too much intrusion, the Samsung Frame TV is a brilliant choice,' says Zeena.

3. Hide it in in a cupboard

For an even more luxurious and tech-free look, consider concealing the TV in a cupboard or behind sliding panels.

'These can be part of large bedroom storage systems and are ideal to conceal larger TVs,' explain Sabrina and Aude, 'so that your bedroom can be transformed into a cinema room just by opening the doors.'

4. Or hide it in plain sight

Why not buy a TV that hides itself when not in use? 'The presence of a big screen is rarely a welcoming addition to a living space,' says Kresten Bjørn Krab-Bjerre, the creative director for the Studio Of Excellence at Bang & Olufsen. 'Our Beovision Harmony literally transforms when not in use. When turned off or just playing music, the thin screen rests close to the floor, partially covered by the two oak and aluminium speakers.'

5. Splash out on a very clever bed

'For a hotel-style bedroom, you might want to think about getting a bespoke end of bed TV lift cabinet, so that the TV is hidden inside the cabinet when not in use,' say Sabrina and Aude. 'The lifting mechanism is almost magical, making this the perfect option for people looking for a 5-star hotel look and feel.'

6. Create a dedicated TV area

If you have the space for a truly lavish bedroom TV idea, Sabrina and Aude suggest you 'create a dedicated seating area in your principal bedroom and place the TV at the heart of this special seating nook'.

7. Transform your bookcase

A bookcase doesn't just have to be a bookcase: it can also be a brilliant house for your bedroom TV, helping it to blend into the aesthetic of your room seamlessly.

8. Make it personal

Why not use your bedroom TV ideas to help you convey a message about yourself? If you've got a case of the wanderlust, for example, use a vintage suitcase as your TV stand (see above!).

9. Create a cinematic experience

'If you can afford splashing out a good amount of money to create the ultimate cinema bedroom TV idea, consider opting for ceiling recessed projector screens and projector lifts,' suggest Sabrina and Aude.

'This will allow you to enjoy the magic of the big screen in the comfort of your own bedroom.'

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