Technology and people: 10 trends of 2023

The 2023/2024 trends in the interpretation of technology companies are inextricably linked with the metaverse and Web3 along with artificial intelligence. As before, the main topic is health and care for it. The most popular innovations are tech gadgets to improve sleep, as well as health and fitness monitors integrated into portable devices and technology home systems.

Accessories for the metaverse Metaverse technology became mainstream last year. Companies are now producing devices designed to optimize the quality of immersion in the metaverse, made possible by a new type of internet. Source Digital claims to have launched “the world’s first Smart TV metaverse” by porting its Sansar platform to LG Smart TVs. With this application, users can explore 2D and 3D environments with a customized avatar.

Shift All Magnex VR Metaverse Device

Smart observation Smart security cameras are already in our homes, but now they perform other functions. Ring, a company that primarily makes doorbells, has announced an automotive security business. The Ring Car Cam is equipped with sensors that can detect if your car has been broken into. It can also be used as a DVR. Another curious device that has already made the rounds on the internet is the Bird Buddy bird feeder.

Bird Feeder Bird Buddy

Car Security System by Ring Car Cam

Have better sleep Sleep is more important than ever, and there are many products out there that promise better sleep quality. LG has unveiled the Breeze earphone, which uses sensor data to estimate how much time a person spends in each of three sleep states (REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep).

LG Breeze Wireless Earphone

Wearable devices for wellness Wellness is still trending and many brands are making it a priority. The latest wearables differ from their predecessors by providing only key information and integrating features that enhance mindfulness. Hit — smart watches Nowatch, which do not show the time, but signal the emotional state of the owner. This screenless device generates gentle vibrations to improve mood and reduce stress based on heart rate, sweat, physical movement, and sleep patterns. Another new addition, Citizen’s CZ Smart comes with the YouQ app, which uses NASA research to anticipate patterns of fatigue and become more productive throughout the day. Wearable technology for medical devices is popular.

Nowatch is a health-focused smartwatch without the watch part

Movano Health’s Evie smart ring measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels

Smart home devices One of the most unexpected startups is U-Scan, a urine scanner that sits in your toilet. Developed by the medical technology brand Withings, it offers information on digestive and reproductive health. And the company Yukai Engineering (Honda concern) has released a robotic pillow Fufuly, which helps a person find healthy breathing rhythms.

Yukai Engineering’s Fufuly is essentially an anxiety-reducing pillow

Augmented reality A number of projects this year are exploring ways to make the use of technology outside the home more convenient. The Chinese brand TCL, which produces high-tech TVs, introduced the RayNeo X2 smart glasses. This augmented reality footage superimposes all sorts of useful information on your field of vision, from the automatic translation to GPS navigation.

Glasses with augmented reality RayNeo X2 from TCL

Media with light and smells The experience of playing games, listening to music, or watching videos can be improved with several new objects. Japanese company Aromajoin has launched a video platform that works in tandem with Aroma Shooter technology to create scents that complement whatever happens on screen.

Artificial intelligence as a help to parents This year’s sensation is the Ella smart stroller with artificial intelligence and the possibility of autonomous driving. It was released by the Canadian company Glüxkind Technologies. The Ella offers push and brake assist, hands-free walking, and smart Rock-My-Baby mode.

Stroller with artificial intelligence Ella from Glüxkind Technologies

Accessibility for all Sony introduced Project Leonardo, a PlayStation 5 controller that allows people with limited mobility to play longer, and L’Oréal introduced HAPTA, a lipstick applicator for people with limited hand and forearm mobility.

L’oréal Created a Lipstick Applicator for People With Disabilities

Portability and miniaturization Those devices, the quality of which meant stationarity, are now acquiring new formats. The new Brane X portable speaker does just that – with radical new subwoofer technology and massive onboard processing power, this football-sized speaker delivers deep, clear, and powerful bass. For an all-in-one speaker, it delivers amazing stereo surround sound. Brane X includes Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay support, and a built-in microphone array makes it a full-featured Amazon Alexa speaker. It’s also IP57 rated so it’s waterproof and dustproof, and the company says the built-in rechargeable battery lasts around 12 hours at medium volume.

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