Symphony of white walls with wood: An apartment for a family with four children

Details of the design for six people, which is based on a combination of natural materials and white color.

Briefly about the project The designers had to prepare a project for the interior of the apartment for a family of six people – parents and four children. The family lived in Germany for a long time, which could not but affect their preferences in the interior.

The owners are very fond of simple clean architecture in old buildings and a minimum number of items. There was a request – to make an interior design “white with wood” and choose a finish for the floor. Including the design of the bathroom.

And in the family there is a tradition – regularly gather to watch movies together. Therefore, the authors of the project formed a huge common space of the kitchen-living room for a comfortable pastime and reflected the creative preferences of the hostess in the design – they included antique objects and art objects in the design.

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