Current trends in the interior for 2023/2024

Nature and naturalness Nature and naturalness are very understandable and are chosen for peace of mind. The new materials are a surprise. We do not know what to expect from them, we think about whether it is dangerous or not. It is easier to choose what has been tested for centuries.

Texture This trend allows you to satisfy the tactile hunger. It is relevant for a long time. It was customary for us to greet and hug when we met, to hug loved ones. Isolation has changed our habits, but the need remains. Therefore, items that are pleasant to touch, in which you can comfortably dig in, will be in demand.

Safety and stability The trend for safety is already 6 years old, stability is a very fresh interior trend. More recently, we have marveled at floating beds (under which all types of vacuum cleaners quietly crawl), and the illusion of floating kitchen cabinets and walls. All this is a thing of the past until the external situation stabilizes. In the trend, everything is stable and comfortable. Massive furniture and hypertrophied stability.

Structure and graphics The trend is clear structures built on simple geometric shapes. Such interiors are understandable, well readable, and do not make the subconscious mind worry.

Infantilism This trend has now become relevant all over the world. While some are looking for stability, others run away into infantilism. Polka dots, colorful details, patterns that would be more suitable for a child’s room, plush toys…

And in the interior like this:

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