Steps You Shouldn't Skip When Choosing An Area Rug

Figuring out the size needed for your specific room

The size of the area rug is all-important. A rug's job is to complement and enhance the room, not detract from or diminish it. So when it is the right size, it ties things together and brings balance.

Assessing whether a dark or light rug would be best

When it's time to start considering color, the size of your room can help you narrow down the selections. Depending on your room's size, you should choose either a light or dark-colored hue.

Matching the rug to your decor scheme

Get it right, and the rug will enhance your space in myriad ways. Get it wrong, and the rug can undo all the hard work you've done elsewhere.

Looking for variation in tone and texture

Be careful that you pay attention to tone and texture when choosing the color of your area rug, especially if you prefer neutral or minimalist spaces.

Considering if the rug is in low- or high-traffic spaces

It's a common mistake to choose a rug solely from an aesthetic viewpoint. You also need to give serious thought to the practicality of the material it is made from and if it'll be located in a high or low-traffic space.

Planning out the overall mood you want to create

Like any furnishing or textile, an area rug's role is to contribute to the overall mood of your room. Color is the single most important element when creating a mood, and this should be reflected in your rug.

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