Spectacular treehouse extension for the house

The windows were decorated with an entertaining geometric pattern resembling the leaves of trees. In Brazil, in the city of Monte Verde, an interesting extension on the “pillars” was added to the main house. This project was developed by the architectural firm Studio MEMM. The annex is located in the backyard, next to the main house. Due to the strong slope of the terrain, it was installed on pillars. In addition, so, according to the authors, the extension resembles a tree house.

The design is made of dark wood so that it looks harmonious against the background of greenery. Inside, windows with aluminum frames were installed – from them you can clearly see the garden and the pond nearby.

An interesting detail is the patterns of glued laminated timber on the windows. Geometric shapes are inspired by the images of leaves on trees and, according to the architects, it helps to add coziness.

The extension consists of two areas with a size of 6 and 12 square meters. They are interconnected by a path that stretches among the trees from the beginning of the site. The extension was conceived by customers as an interesting veranda for relaxing in the backyard. In the first room of 6 square meters, an ottoman and a table are installed, and in the second – a sofa and armchairs for a large company.

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