So different but trendy: 5 trendy bathrooms in 2023

Pretentiousness or conciseness, monochrome or bright colors, natural textures or plastic – we analyze the most relevant solutions for bathrooms.


1. Total look The pursuit of fashionable laconicism, is elevated to the absolute: all surfaces in this bathroom are decorated with one material – light gray porcelain stoneware with the texture of natural marble.

2. Wood texture The trend for natural textures is not new, but the fashion for the texture of wood appeared relatively recently – the lack of natural landscapes in the life of most residents of megacities affects.

3. Unusual details In this bathroom, with a fairly simple and budgetary finish, they relied on details: color combinations, original materials, and unusual decor. Together, all this looks very stylish and modern.

4. Contrast There is nothing superfluous in this bathroom – calm surfaces of the same type without decor, shelves, niches, and laconic forms. All the beauty is in white plumbing, graphically echoing the dark walls and floor.

5. Luxury The interior is completely opposite to the previous one. Yes, yes, this is also in trend! In this bathroom, as a decoration, they used porcelain stoneware with a stunningly beautiful pattern of natural stone, a lot of brass, massive stucco decoration, varied light, mirrors, and even decorative elements.

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