Smart Investment: 15 Necessary Home Appliances

Equipment, the purchase of which has always been postponed for later, today can be a good investment.

Washing machine with dryer Features of the model: washes better even at low water temperature; Spends 50% less laundry time with QuickDrive™ technology allows you to add forgotten clothes to the drum right during washing.

Robot vacuum cleaner Features of the model: perform dry and wet cleaning; with the help of sensors, it determines the surface and removes the rag on the carpeting; perfectly avoiding obstacles.

Television set Features of the model: concise design and body, available in three colors; TV does not require a separate cabinet; thanks to the stand, it can be placed in any part of the room; the technical “stuffing” is hidden behind the back panel, and the wire is stretched along the leg of the stand.

Coffee machine Features of the model: intuitive design; built-in coffee recipes from the barista; patented milk foaming system that allows you to adjust the density of the foam.

Humidifier Features of the model: two-level air purification allows you to fight viruses, bacteria, and mold; the air is purified and saturated with moisture due to natural evaporation. So, a white coating of calcium salts does not settle on the furniture.

Air conditioner Features of the model: an effective filter system removes odors and bacteria, and gently dries the air.

Microwave oven Features of the model: an effective system of rapid defrosting; intuitive design (only six buttons); The bioceramic coating will not be covered with scratches and cracks and due to this the smooth surface is easily cleaned.

Clothes steamer Features of the model: provides effective smoothing of folds due to a powerful steam supply and a convenient board with angle adjustment.

Blender Features of the model: regulator with five speeds; ripple mode; three programmed functions and self-cleaning cycles; Cast metal housing ensures the strength of the structure and stability of the blender during operation.

Refrigerator Features of the model: by reducing the thickness of the walls, the refrigerator has an increased capacity without increasing the external dimensions. The uniform cooling system continuously monitors the temperature in different corners of the chamber and evenly distributes the cold air.

Toaster Features of the model: fry slices of bread and buns; will provide uniform heating.

Mixer Features of the model: it will help to mix ingredients, beat egg white or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, and much more. Smoothly adjust the speed; The lid will prevent the ingredients from splashing.

Household shredder Features of the model: quiet operation; compact format.

Hob Features of the model: glass-ceramic cooktop is equipped with two heating zones with expansion, a control panel lock, and auto-shutdown timer. A scraper for cleaning is included.

Kitchen hood Features of the model: works in the modes of circulation and exhaust of air. The grease filter prevents oil droplets from entering the inner space of the device.

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