Small pantry ideas – 7 ways to design a pantry in the tiniest of spaces

1. Opt For A Tall, Slim Pantry

Instead of going big and wide, opt for tall and slim! There are no rules on how big a pantry should be, so instead of trying to create space for a large design where there is none, choose a more sleek pantry for your kitchen instead.

2. Make The Most Out Of Awkward Alcoves

Whether you're exploring under-stairs pantry ideas or embracing alcove ideas with a small pantry in a little nook of your kitchen, making the most out of smaller, un-used spaces can give you an extra section of storage that often makes all the difference in a small kitchen.

3. Keep Your Small Pantry Neat And Tidy

From grouping food and drinks together by type or expiration dates to incorporating labeled jars and baskets, organizing a pantry and creating an ordered pantry system will do wonders in a small space, helping the design feel more spacious and easy to use – rather than cluttered and confusing!

4. Embrace A Bi-Folding Pantry Design

Annie Tullett, designer at Tom Howley Kitchens says that one of her favorite 2023 kitchen trends is the bi-folding pantry. 'It’s an absolute must-have in every kitchen. The unwavering, clever versatility of it is hard not to be impressed by; not only do you have the initial ‘Narnia’s Wardrobe’ moment when you open the doors to reveal how much small kitchen storage space is inside, but the functional possibilities are endless.

5. Utilize Your Ancillary Rooms

If you can't find any room for a pantry in your small kitchen, then utilize the ancillary spaces in your home, such as a utility room – or even a laundry room, and create an additional area for food storage – it will feel like you're very own walk-in pantry!

6. Keep It Simple With Shelving

In this neutral kitchen, designed by Alice Lane Interior Design, we love how a unique, open pantry design has been created in a slightly separate space away from the main area of the kitchen.

7. Design A Pantry That Suits Your Routine

This may sound simple, but when planning a pantry for your small space, work out exactly what you need this area of additional storage for. Is it just for dried food? Kitchenware? Breakfast food? Or for tableware and accessories used when entertaining? If you have a small space, chances are, you're not going to be able to fit all of the above in your pantry – sorry to break it to you! So working out your pantry's purpose is key.

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