Small living room: 5 solutions with layouts

The design of a small living room is based on smart zoning. A combined compact space should often combine several functions: one room also has a kitchen, dining room, study and even a bedroom. On the other hand, an isolated small living room should be spacious and free from visual noise. Designers prefer to work with color and use built-in storage systems.

Apartment with a color of 45 square meters A small apartment of 45 square meters – a classic in appearance and condition with old communications, decoration of the “last century” and an inconvenient layout.

Apartment of 39 square meters in Odessa The architects of SVOYA Studio turned a standard one-bedroom apartment with an isolated kitchen into a spacious studio apartment for a secluded holiday by the sea. The original layout was rethought: the wall between the kitchen and the room was broken, all the main functions were located in one open, filled with air and light room.

Line Design Studio: small apartment in Kaliningrad The apartment of 32 square meters is located in a residential building of the 1920s. Line Design Studio was invited to rethink the space. The authors were faced with the task of creating a space for a comfortable life, placing everything necessary on a modest square.

Zrobym architects: apartment of 46 square meters in Minsk Apartment in Minsk — project of Alexei Korablev, architectural bureau Zrobym architects. All functional areas are combined in one room – the interior unfolds sequentially. A small kitchen-living room is formed with the possibility of circular movement around the room, which is psychologically very comfortable for living in a small apartment.

Mediterranean apartment of 33 square meters Architect Anastasia Rykova, Design Studio Special Style, designed the apartment, the central element of which was the view from the windows of the Novodevichy Convent. We wanted to continue the theme of the surrounding nature, which would calm, dispose to rest. The apartment turned out to be simple, cozy, with natural accents, “says Anastasia.

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