Small flat. How and what to optimize? 5 tips

Even the most modest apartments can be converted into comfortable, functional, and attractive housing. In which it is pleasant to live or you can rent. Small apartment design or how to maximize minimal space and combine functionality with style? American interior designer Bobby Berk, the subject of the makeover show Queer Eye and Airbnb Plus consultant, gives advice on how to transform such a property.

1. Don’t “play” with color

People often try to divide a room using color blocking (color blocks) or zoning a space to make a small apartment seem bigger. Bobby recommends instead sticking to a consistent design style and using it everywhere. If the room is small, long, and narrow, add complementary colors, textures, and patterns throughout the space to create a sense of harmony. But do not break it into zones with color.

2. One palette, but many materials

“When you’re working with a small space, a neutral palette is ideal,” Berk says. From there, focus on textures and patterns that fall within the same color scheme. “Not too dull, not too busy,” he advises. For example, in a bedroom, opting for white cotton sheets, a white linen duvet, and a neutral quilted bedspread can achieve a layered effect without opting for bold colors that can create a cluttered feeling.

3. Free movement

If the architecture makes the interior feel smaller than it is, you can improve it, but avoid a complete refurbishment. For example, removing extra doors in a small apartment. Frosted glass or transparent inserts in the doors will allow light to flow freely, which will naturally create a feeling of a more spacious interior.

4. Special furniture

“Multifunctional furniture is a must-have for a small space,” says Berk. There are so many options for tables, sofas, and banquettes that have storage space, which is especially important for people who lack closets. If you have a dining table, Berk recommends choosing chairs that can slide completely under the countertop when not in use.

5. About what and where to store or not to store

“I’m a huge fan of platform beds with drawers underneath,” Berk says. “There’s so much room!” To optimize this space, Berk recommends using vacuum-sealed clothing bags by stacking them in boxes. Place storage boxes at the foot of the bed that can also be used as seating, and always opt for bedside tables with multiple drawers. “It’s all about the little things.”

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