Small bathroom: 10 tricks to make it better

A compact bathroom is an attribute of small apartments and modern urban housing. A modest area will not be a problem, and the design of a small bathroom can be a decoration of the project. How to fit everything you need and enjoy water procedures?

1 Compact plumbing Obviously, if you install a 50 cm deep toilet instead of a 65 cm deep one, it will save space – many brands have compact rulers. Precious centimeters will also be released by a corner sink. Important: when planning the design of a small bathroom, it is worth considering not only the dimensions of objects, but also the distance between them.

2 Mirrors They work magically. Installed on different walls, they create a play of reflections, pushing the boundaries of the room and helping to see yourself from all sides. Frameless mirror canvases are preferred, they enhance the effect. A good solution would be a transom – a window at the top of the wall overlooking an adjacent room, usually the kitchen: it expands the space and lets in natural light.

3 Shower cabin instead of the bath Owners of a small bathroom are advised to reduce the size of the bath, and install a sit-down bath instead of the usual one. But is it needed at all? With the intense rhythm that distinguishes life in the metropolis, much more than a bath, a shower is in demand. A good shower system with different types of jets will bring more pleasure and health benefits. The most useless purchase, and not only for a small bathroom, is a hot tub.

4 Built-in wardrobes They do not eat up the space. They look like part of the walls and create a pleasant calm environment. They are made to individual measurements, which allows you to use every centimeter. In one of the modules, you can hide the washing machine. Left in plain sight, it looks bulky and cheapens the interior.

5 Hanging furniture Use hanging furniture and shelves. An alternative can be underframes with thin legs – light and elegant, they are in fashion today. Lower wall cabinets are also good: anything that leaves the floor open unloads the room, at least visually. Therefore, even for a small bathroom, a hanging toilet can be recommended.

6 Light In a small bathroom, designers recommend abandoning pendant lights, and built-in spots are superfluous. Sconces and linear lighting are welcome. Particular attention is paid to the lighting of the mirror above the sink: it should be uniform, without glare and shadows.

7 Uniform color and material For a small bathroom, cool light colors are traditionally recommended, and the same color and material for the floor and walls – do not crush the space. But there is a more complicated option: the alternation of colored surfaces will distract from the cramped dimensions. Special case: “well” with disproportionately high ceilings – “dark bottom, light top” will be the right solution in this case if you do not want to lower the ceiling level.

8 Proportionality For a small bathroom – the appropriate scale is a medium-sized pattern in the decoration. Monochromatic ceramic tiles with a fine texture are in fashion. A win-win option is a white square 10 by 10 and 5 by 5 centimeters. Some masters recommend, on the contrary, bringing down the scale by applying a large ornament. But this move requires experience. It is better to focus on textures: by balancing stone, brass, and lacquer, you can create a tactilely rich interior in a small space.

9 Invisible door The maximum high canvas is painted in the color of the walls or finished with the same material, concealed installation, and no architraves, and hinges. Such doors are a must in a modern interior. They do not crush the surface of the wall and therefore are especially desirable in a small bathroom.

10 Minimum items The abundance of cosmetics and household chemicals on the shelves will not decorate a small bathroom. As well as numerous towels hung on hooks. When there is no way to increase storage volumes, it is worth giving up the excess. Reasonable consumption is a fashion trend.

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