Should your curtains match your wall color? 6 tips for the perfect color scheme


'There’s no need to subscribe to a hard and fast rule on whether to match or not. Rather, every room should be evaluated based on the end result desired. Is the goal to emphasize the curtains or are these supporting the overall scheme?  Does the scheme follow a maximalist approach where pattern play and contrasting colors suit or is the scheme more monochrome or contemporary where a layer of textures is more suitable? Perhaps it is something in between? Curtains that contrast will draw the eye and (depending on color and pattern) become a focal point. Curtains that match will provide a textural difference & layering effect but will allow other elements to pop,' explains Cathrine Dal, founder of London-based interior design firm, Cat Dal Interiors.


This is how matching curtains to walls is beneficial.

Mirror Your Wall Color

Matching your curtains with your wall color will create a unified look that feels both simple, stylish, and relaxing.

Whether you embraced dark or light paint ideas, choosing curtains that match your wall color will blend both elements together as one, and work to establish a more calming and restful atmosphere where there are fewer visual disruptions. NYC-based interior designer, Artem Kropovinsky, founder of Arsight says, 'matching curtains to your wall color can make your room look larger and more spacious. It can also create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for bedroom curtain ideas or living room curtain ideas.' A great option to consider for a more minimalist scheme, mirroring your wall color is one of the most popular options to embrace for curtain color ideas in the home.

Look To Shades In The Same Color Family

For a curtain design that takes the lead from the wall color but achieves a slight element of contrast, opt for curtains that sit in the same color family as the shade you have used on the walls. As shown in this modern living room, a beautiful example of modern curtain ideas, the abstract, geometric patterned curtains work wonderfully with the overall neutral design.


Sometimes, contrast is all.

Embrace A Contrasting Accent Color

'You do not have to match your curtain fabric exactly to your wall color. Adding contrasting colors can bring out a good balance in the overall décor. However, be sure that there is a sense of cohesion so that each element stands out but still complements the others in terms of style and the overall look,' says Kate Diaz, interiors expert at Swanky Den.

Opt For Patterned Curtains

Chicago-based interior designer, Sarah Montgomery, says, 'if you want to focus on the pieces in the room or the outside view, you might do a fabric close to the wall color, in order for the drapery to blend in. If you need a strong design element, like in a dining room where there is not a lot of other fabric, you can use a contrasting color or pattern instead.'


Matching curtains and walls does have consequences. Here's what to consider.

Complement Your Furniture And Accessories

When choosing the right curtain color for your space, as well as taking into consideration your chosen wall color, you will also need to think about other features in the room, such as furniture and accessories. All design elements present in a space need to work together in perfect harmony, and your curtains should always fit in with the room's overall color scheme. From curtains and furniture upholstery that share the same or a similar pattern, beautifully shown in this cozy corner, part of a design by Elizabeth Cooper, to choosing colors that complement your sofa ideas or a piece of art, stepping back and thinking of the bigger picture is key.

Consider Your Material

'To add depth into a space, consider pairing different textures or shades together, like combining sheer materials with thicker fabrics or both light and dark tones within one space. This will create an interesting accent feature while staying balanced enough not to overwhelm any single element within your décor,' says Kate Diaz.

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