Should you ever replace doors with curtains?

Should You Replace Doors With Curtains?

As with any interior design trend, whether you should embrace the look or not comes down to your personal style and the space you are working with. Replacing a door with a curtain has some practical considerations, but talking purely aesthetics it can be a simple switch that can really soften your entrances and still allow for a 'door' when needed.


The consensus seems to be if it works in your space and you like the look that it gives, curtains make the perfectly good alternatives to doors. But there are areas that they will work better in and different ways you can use them.

1. As A Divider In An Open Plan Space

Curtains make so much more sense than a door in this case. They are ideal for keeping two connected spaces open plan while allowing for the option to separate them if needed. Curtains add far more interest too, giving the opportunity to bring in more color, pattern, and texture to the room. You also have the option of switching them out with the seasons – going lighter (or not at all) in the summer and then bringing in some heavier in the fall.

2. To Soften An Entrance Between Adjoining Rooms

Curtains as doors also work well in spaces that are open-plan, but you want to create the effect that they are more connected. This works particularly well in kitchens and their adjoining rooms, like dining spaces or sunrooms, so there's a seamless flow between the cooking space and the social spaces.

3. To Replace A Cabinet Doors

Switching your kitchen cabinet doors for curtains, is very much in line with the kitchen trends that are all about designing kitchens that feel less kitchen-like. There's been a real shift towards creating kitchens that feel as soft and welcoming as bedrooms and living rooms, and adding soft furnishings is a simple way to do that. You can adapt the look to suit all styles too. Here the look works perfectly in a country kitchen, but you could also just switch out the cabinet under the sink, or your pantry door, for just a slightly rustic look.

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