Should kitchen cabinets be symmetrical? Here's why you should throw out the rule book

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Symmetrical?

Kitchen cabinets that are symmetrical are not only beautiful, but they are also often more functional and can serve to balance and align your space. However, they are not the be-all and end-all of kitchen design. There are many reasons why people choose not to have symmetrical cabinetry; wanting a more modern or unusual design for instance. Another reason could be that a small kitchen may not be able to accommodate symmetrical styling. It’s important to not think of rules but rather be guided by what you love when it comes to designing a kitchen. Once you've found a kitchen style that you'll love, you will know whether you want symmetrical cabinetry or not. Remember, the decision is entirely yours, so you need to think about what you can live with.

1. Create Symmetry Around An Architectural Feature

'Alongside the style of cabinetry you're installing, try to consider its proportions and aim to create some sense of symmetry by placing key features, such as a chimney breast framing a range cooker, as a central statement piece,' advises interior designer Tiffany Duggan. Add some interest and intrigue to your kitchen by throwing the symmetry off-balance with accessories, as shown here in the beautiful kitchen by deVOL.

2. Use Symmetry To Create A Tailored Look

Open kitchen shelving, flanked by a pair of symmetrical cabinets, is great if you are the proud owner of an impressive crockery collection, or are a keen cook who appreciates having ingredients close at hand. Having everything on display, however, is not for the faint-hearted as it requires a certain amount of dedication to keep shelves looking smart.

Asymmetrical Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

There is certainly something to be said for asymmetrical kitchen cabinets. The sense of quirkiness and practicality of it for starters. We asked the experts for their advice on curating a space that truly doe throw the rule book out of the window.

1. Create A Kitchen That Is Playful And Eclectic

If you want to be happier at home, then curate a decorative kitchen that stimulates the senses. This vibrant kitchen does away with symmetry in favor of character, and the cabinets take a backseat to the playful kitchen color scheme instead.

2. Distract With Personal Objects And Creative Color

Your kitchen is rife with decorative opportunities that don't rely on cabinetry for their appeal, from walls and flooring to window treatments. Start by deciding how much of a permanent commitment you are willing to make, then add decorative elements that charm and excite. Your kitchen design doesn't need to be all about cabinetry, or symmetry.

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