Should a coffee table be lower than a sofa?

Choosing the best furniture is one of the biggest challenges in the home, especially when it comes to finding the right coffee table or sofa in a living or family room. What you choose needs to be contemporary and contribute to the personality and harmony of the space. This is where the size and shape of your coffee table will truly shine – usually the central piece of furniture in this social space, the humble coffee table has a vital part to play. When it comes to living room furniture ideas, it's not just the look and style of furniture that's important – it's the height, too. Often the last piece of furniture to be bought – after the sofa and storage – coffee tables are often, even unintentionally, the focal point of a living room, so finding the perfect coffee table décor ideas is a must, as well as knowing if a coffee table should be lower than a sofa.

Should A Coffee Table Be Lower Than A Sofa?

It may seem insignificant at first thought, but the height of a coffee table is actually of great importance. The relative height of the coffee table, and other furniture, is key when deciding how to design a living room. Get it right and you'll have a cohesive scheme that's the envy of your friends and family. The answer to this vital question may decide the final look, feel, and function of your home. Get it wrong and you risk creating a scheme that confuses the mind. Catherine Staples, the principal designer at Toronto-based Aspen & Ivy, agrees. ‘It depends on the style,' she says. 'So a modern home tends to have furniture that is the same height. Whereas traditional or transitional styles play with sight lines for interest.' Take these points into consideration in your living room layout ideas and you won't go wrong.

1. Choose A Coffee Table That Is Lower Than Your Sofa

There are many possibilities at play when deciding whether your coffee table should be lower than a sofa. Firstly, think about the focal point. Not taking the focal point into consideration is a furniture arranging mistake to avoid. A focal point in a room is important, not only does having one help to anchor a room, but it also serves as an area to decorate around.

2. Keep A Coffee Table At The Same Height For Practical Purposes

Finding a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa has many advantages, but as well as height, you should also consider the material used. A coffee table doesn't always need to have a hard surface, in fact, investing in a padded or upholstered design, also known as an ottoman, will add softness, and texture to your family room. Plus, you can also use your coffee table as a footrest if it is the same height as a sofa.

3. Go For A Coffee Table That Is Taller Than A Sofa

If you want your coffee table to stand out and not just be a sideshow to surrounding furniture, invest in a design that is taller and unusual. The contrasts between the varying height of furniture will make a space feel interesting and unexpected – and will also highlight the differences between individual pieces so the eye appreciates them more.

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