Shades of Marigold Are Trending: How to Decorate with the Color

How to Decorate with Marigold

Because the shade is so versatile, there are endless options when it comes to decorating with marigold. The color looks good everywhere; the question has more to do with how much marigold you choose to inject into your home. Here's what designers suggest.

Pair It with Natural Light

The best place to embrace marigold on all four walls is in a north-facing room. “Northern light tends to bring out cooler tones, so avoid anything with a green or grey base,” Aynsley says. “Yellow tones, like marigold, are preferred as they will help bounce as much light around a room.” Before committing to a color, she suggests painting your color options on large cards and sticking them onto every wall in the room so you can observe how the color looks and changes throughout the day.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re feeling brave, Sophie Rowell, director and founder of Cote de Folk, suggests introducing the joyful color on your kitchen cabinets. “This yellow kitchen is a sunny, happy place,” she says. On a recent project, Rowell used a marigold shade in the kitchen, but turned the saturation level down a notch. She paired the pale marigold shade with dusty pinks and creamy whites to create a vintage feel.

Add an Accent Color

“If you don’t wish to include bold color on all four walls, consider adding a burst of energy-boosting color on skirting, a window frame, or a door,” suggests Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene paint company. “A single color highlight can lift the entire room's mood.” Use it on the front door, too, to give anyone who visits a warm, happy welcome. “Marigold is perfect for use as an accent color in a paired back scheme,” she adds.

Use It to Boost Your Mood

One thing’s for certain: Marigold’s uplifting energy is infectious. In color psychology, orange and yellow have optimistic, cheerful, and energizing effects, so it’s no surprise that marigold is thought of as a happy color. “Oranges and yellows such as Marigold or Sunlight work particularly well for lifting the mood and increasing energy in a space,” Mottershead says. “They’re best suited to cheerful, busy spaces such as kitchens, creating a sense of warmth and happiness when you’re having your morning coffee, motivating you to start the day.”

Colors That Go with Marigold

“Marigold was one of the new colors introduced to the UK in the 1970s,” says Mottershead. “This bright orange paint color was hugely popular in the era's hallmark orange and brown color schemes.” Unless you’re purposefully looking to create a retro look, these modern color schemes can help you incorporate marigold into your space.

Complementary Blue

Mottershead suggests pairing marigold trim with a bright neutral like Flint on the walls and a vibrant Deep Space Blue on the ceiling to create a real impact in a contemporary scheme. Blue and orange are complementary colors, so the pair effortlessly pull off an eye-catching design. Cool blue tones keep marigold’s warm glow looking fresh and alive. “Refresh an existing piece of furniture with a lick of Marigold to create a real statement alongside a backdrop of Bone China Blue Pale walls,” she says.

Pinks and Pastels Pinks and pastels may not be your immediate go-to color pairing for marigold, but Rowell has already proven how well it works, and Aynsley agrees.“Marigold is a strong, bold color, so these balance it out nicely and let it sing,” she says. Lilac is another adventurous but attractive color match and perhaps slightly more apparent when considering purple is the complementary color of yellow.

Anything but Black

While black is certainly a trendy color right now, these experts don't recommend pairing it with marigold. “Pairing with black would be a no-go,” says Aynsley. “It would look harsh and give off hazard-like vibes—think wasps, tigers, or warning signs.” Instead of black, try a cool, dark gray shade for a modern aesthetic. Alternatively, lean into a warm, nature-inspired scheme and pair marigold with earthy greens, rich chocolate brown shades, and warm wood textures.

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