Seabed and rainforest in the collections of de Gournay

On the occasion of the Paris exhibition Deco Off 2023, the English wallpaper brand de Gournay showed two new collections Amami Waves and Étienne with voluminous embroidery. The twin living room of the showroom on the rue de Saint-Peer offered a journey through a fabulous rainforest or seabed with curly algae, shells, jellyfish, and other inhabitants of the depths.

An abstract seascape with silver-threaded elements depicts waves and sea foam in a quiet moonlight. Algae and reeds on the canvases bend, following the movement of the waters. Intricate figures of marine life, enlivening patterns on pale blue moiré silk, are reminiscent of the works of the Edo period artist Itō Jakuchū. The drawing, inspired by ancient Japanese fabrics, is named after the Amami Islands in southern Kagoshima Prefecture, known for its coral reefs.

A completely different mood is created by the exposition of the second hall, where monkeys-diana frolic among the sparkling palm leaves, embroidered with gold thread on a rich yellow background. The characteristic creamy brown coloration of the monkeys contrasts beautifully with the main palette. The Étienne wallpaper pattern is inspired by a screen created in 1930 by the artist Paul Etienne Saint, after whom the collection is named.

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