Scandinavian-style living rooms: and color combinations

The basis of Scandinavian aesthetics is a laconic form, high-quality materials, thoughtful functionality, and a handmade element. The combination of colors in the interior of New Nordic also plays a big role.

The living room in the Scandinavian style is a visually clean space, creating, despite restraint, a feeling of comfort conducive to rest and communication. The effect is achieved largely due to a verified palette. Its three pillars are white color in the interior, allowing you to make the space visually lighter, practical gray, and a shade of natural wood, “letting” nature into the house. But the gamma is not limited to them. What colors are combined in the interior of New Nordic?

A modern Scandinavian interior can include rich shades, an abundance of black and graphics. Colors borrowed from nature are welcome: shades of sea waves, stormy sky, green needles, sage leaves, coastal stones. Neutral tones, as a rule, serve as a background, while brighter and more saturated shades are used in a dosed manner. One of the most common combinations is the combination of gray with white and blue in the interior, where white will be, for example, the walls, gray sofa, and blue armchair or decorative pillows. This “set” is ideally complemented by wood, and not only solid wood and veneer are used, but also, for example, plywood.

Yellow is another favorite color in the Scandinavian palette: for residents of the northern countries with a short daylight day, it reminds of the sun. The combination of yellow with other shades in the interior creates a warm atmosphere and cheers up. Designers choose from a rich shade of egg yolk or a complex mustard tone to a diluted, delicate pastel.

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