Scandinavian minimalism in the interior

Scandinavian design is indeed very minimalistic in many respects, but there is a place for maximalism in this style. What is this about? What principles are used to create an interior in the Scandinavian style? And how to create both a cozy and practical interior? We have already prepared answers to all these questions. Scandinavian minimalism in the interior has a very simple explanation and practical application.

Minimalism in color Scandinavians prefer to paint walls, floors, and ceilings in white, or in very light shades of pale colors. Even the basic furniture can often be found white or at most gray. Bright and violent mixing of colors is not acceptable here. But there are still bright accents: pillows, blankets, rugs, and decor.

Minimalism in the setting Scandinavians prefer to be content with little and not force the space with unnecessary furniture. In the kitchen, everything is hidden in compact and convenient drawers, things are laid out and hung in a dressing room or a multifunctional cabinet, which does not take up much space, and there are convenient modules for shoes and accessories that can be combined with other furniture or rearranged.

Minimalism in decor There are also a few decorative elements, but they are still there. It is desirable that each item perform some of its functions. Something like “a picture that covers a hole in the wall.” That is, the decor is not for the sake of decor, but decor for the sake of comfort and in support of style.

Minimalism in forms The Scandinavian interior contains objects that are quite simple in design, having the simplest geometric shapes and clear straight lines. Such geometries makes the room orderly and organized. Rounded shapes of furniture or decor smooth out sharp corners a bit and make the space cozy. That is why the interior often uses a geometric print, which either “combs” the space or makes it softer and not so strict.

Maximum light Not only the word “minimal” is applicable to the Scandinavian style, but also its antonym. For example, Scandinavian-style decor should be flooded with as much natural light as possible, which is backed up by artificial light. Scandinavians can simultaneously use almost all types of lamps: sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, and street lamps.

Maximum natural materials Both decoration and interior items should contain natural materials – wood, cotton, bamboo, cork, and stone. Wooden floors, wooden furniture, wicker baskets, and cotton or linen textiles are welcome, and part of the wall can be covered with cork wallpaper.

Maximum space Scandinavian houses are not only comfortable, and practical but also very spacious. They do not overload the space with unnecessary furniture, do not reduce the room due to the fact that they do not put furniture around the perimeter, and do not use complex structures such as a furniture wall.

Rules for creating an interior in the Scandinavian style

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