Rustic house in Bordeaux – Théo Coutanceau Domini

French architect Théo Coutanceau Domini transformed an old wooden house in the historic center of Bordeaux. With the help of minimalist architectural interventions, honest textures, and skillful lighting, he focused on the beauty of the old materials from which the building was built.

To make the space of a small house functional, Domini focused on providing practical solutions with the simplest means. Abandoning decorative details, the architect put at the forefront the charm of textured archaic surfaces. The atmosphere in the house is created by the uneven stonework of the walls, which the author left in plain sight. Its expressive pattern is echoed by the living wooden beams and rafters.

To emphasize the beauty of the authentic architectural elements of Domini helped the contrast between the old and the new. So, the floor and stairs in the house the author made of gray micro cement, the ascetic kitchen island – from sheet black steel, in the dining room he installed a minimalist table with two benches, and instead of a sofa he laid simple rectangular pillows in black leather on the floor. The abundance of black color and dark wood surfaces makes the interior gloomy: thanks to the warm illumination of details and glare from the windows, there is enough diffused lighting.

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