Room interior design: interesting design ideas, 50+ photos

When planning the repair and transformation of an apartment or house, you need to think carefully about the future interior in terms of ergonomics and visual appeal. In this review, using the example of photos of fashionable interiors, we will tell you how to create a room design from scratch and share interesting space design ideas.

How to think about the design of a room?

1. Determine the mode of operation of the room, the number and features of functional segments - in most cases, the room performs not one, but two or three functions, for example, in the bedroom there may be a boudoir area, in the nursery - a workplace and a sports corner, and in the living room - a dining room.

2. Create a planning solution taking into account the location of functional areas, the necessary furniture and the number of users - when planning the future interior, one should also take into account the area and configuration of the room, the ability to increase the usable area by adding a loggia, building a mezzanine or building a podium.

3. Choose a design style - ideally, the style is chosen for the project as a whole (design of an apartment or house), and in individual rooms you can enhance stylistic dominants or add elements of a different style. It should be borne in mind that the styles of classic, baroque, modern are suitable for large areas with ceilings of at least 3 meters.

4. Decide what color scheme the interior will be designed in - the color scheme is dictated by the style of the interior, the age and lifestyle of users, but the choice of palette and the technical parameters of the room (ceiling height, footage, lighting) influence the choice of palette.

5. Make a list of the necessary furniture, equipment and accessories - if there is a shortage of usable space, it is better to limit yourself to a basic set or multifunctional items.

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